British Living Standards

Living Standards in Britain, 1870-2010

The following tables and graphs support less detailed equivilents in Gazeley, I 'Living Standards in Britain 1870-2010' in Floud, R and Johnson, P. (ed) The Economic History of Modern Britain, (forthcoming, CUP 2013). The text of this chapter is available upon request.


A1 - Average nominal and real earnings, 1870-2009

F01 - Average real earnings, 1870-2009

F02 - Adult Male Real Earnings Distributions, 1886-60

F03 - Adult Male Earnings Inequality, 1886-2010

F04 - Proportion of individuals with below 60 percent of median income

F05 - Relative poverty by type (proportions) Before Housing Costs, 1961-2010

F06 - Self-reported life satisfaction, 1973-2002

T01 - Annual growth rates of real earnings, 1873-2001

T02 - Earnings percentiles (shillings/week), 1886-1960

T03 - Descriptive statistics of the distributions of male full-time manual weekly wages 1886-1960

T04 - Adult male skill differentials, 1880-1950

T05 - Gross weekly male and female full time earnings

T06 - Changes in gross full time adult male weekly earnings inequality, 1970-2010

T07 - Changes in gender inequality: average earnings percentiles 1886-2010

T08 - Adult women’s hourly earnings as a percentage of men’s

T09 - Gini coefficient and inequality ratios for equivalised household income (before housing costs)

T10 - Poverty among working-class households, 1899-1937

T11 - Poverty lines for a couple plus three children at 2000 prices

T12 - Causes of Poverty in York, 1936 and 1950

T13 - Numbers (millions) of individuals and proportions in poverty (BHC), 1961-2010

T14 - Self-reported Life Satisfaction in the UK, 1973-2002