British Living Standards

Liverpool, 1907-8

The tables below are taken from Eleanor Rathbone's 'How The Casual Labourer Lives; A Report of The Liverpool Joint Research Committee on the Domestic Condition and Expenditure of Families of Certain Liverpool Labourers' (1909). Each table contains two sheets: 'Master' reflects the originals recorded in Pounds, Shillings and Pence, with corrected cells appearing in light yellow (see cell comments in each case); 'Pence' reflects the same values converted into pence only. The first table below summarizes all forty cases; the second reflects the original, seperate, summary case of widows with children:

40 Casual Labourers - Final table [XLSX 27.20KB]

40 Cases of Widows With Children Receiving Outdoor Relief [XLSX 23.23KB]

Food Prices in Liverpool as shown from Budgets [XLSX 17.28KB]

No 01 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 34.90KB]

No 02 - Labourer in Ironworks [XLSX 25.78KB]

No 03 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 19.87KB]

No 04 - undisclosed [XLSX 15.51KB]

No 05 - Carter's Labourer [XLSX 13.93KB]

No 06 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 22.72KB]

No 07 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 20.40KB]

No 08 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 20.51KB]

No 09 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 21.77KB]

No 10 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 12.92KB]

No 11 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 14.13KB]

No 12 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 13.26KB]

No 13 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 22.14KB]

No 14 - Dock Labourer.xlsx [XLSX 12.62KB]

No 15 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 16.64KB]

No 16 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 15.18KB]

No 17 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 12.76KB]

No 18 - Ships Fireman [XLSX 19.76KB]

No 19 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 12.51KB]

No 20 - Labourer [XLSX 11.52KB]

No 21 - Builders Labourer [XLSX 11.96KB]

No 22 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 13.30KB]

No 23 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 15.98KB]

No 24 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 16.30KB]

No 25 - Ships Fireman [XLSX 14.03KB]

No 26 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 12.67KB]

No 27 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 16.59KB]

No 28 - Dock Labourer Platelayer [XLSX 12.03KB]

No 29 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 13.62KB]

No 30-39 - Dock Labourer 30-39 [XLSX 16.47KB]

No 40 - Dock Labourer [XLSX 11.30KB]