Our tone of voice

Read examples of the Sussex tone of voice to make your communication more engaging and student centered.

Putting our audience first

Our tone of voice is relaxed and simple. We avoid dense text to make information more accessible and more likely to be read. We aim to keep the audience at the forefront, ensuring we impart the information they need, rather than what we think they should know.

Try to use language your audience will be familiar with. This isn’t always simple, especially when trying to convey detailed information. If you can keep it jargon free, it’s more likely to be absorbed.

We want our communication to be inclusive, engaging and student centred. In addition, where relevant, using more playful, quirky phrases can show our personality.

Our approach to tone of voice reflects the values in our strategic framework.

Examples of our voice

Here are some tips and examples of how we convey our brand personality:

Be personal

Use ‘we’ and ‘our’, rather than ‘the University’, or ‘Sussex’.

We pride ourselves on being an international university, with staff and students from every corner of the globe. Our research contributes to the big issues facing our world, and inspires our students to meet new challenges.

When it comes to getting a dream job, you’ll need to be well-rounded, confident, knowledgeable and skilled. That’s where we can help.

Be passionate

Show your humanity and authority.

When the South Downs embrace modernist architecture, you know you’re at Sussex. Designed to be different, our campus combines beautiful countryside with fantastic facilities and a warm, close-knit community of people.

By nightfall the city really comes to life. With nearly 300 pubs and bars and more clubs than you can shake a stick at, Brighton’s nightlife is legendary. From West Street mega-clubs to the cooler beach-front bars, there’s a pub, club or venue for everyone.

Keep it simple

Keep sentences and paragraphs short and only impart the right amount of information for your audience at that particular part in their journey. Don’t tell people information they don’t need to know.

Our Library is open 24/7 during term-time, with lots of online resources. Find out more on our website.

Canvas, our online study platform, enhances your learning.

Use quick and engaging openers

Snappy language draws you into a piece of writing.

Fancy spicing up your study options? Looking for a British experience or just want to broaden your world view? You’ve come to the right place.

Find your room, unpack the instant noodles and start meeting your flatmates.

Got an inquisitive mind? Passionate about finding out how things work? Or just a bit nosy?

Be playful

Use a playful tone to create a sense of fun.

Probably one of the most famous seaside destinations in the UK, Brighton’s beaches are an integral part of life in the city. Stroll along the prom, or take a deck chair on the pier, go for a plunge in the briny or BBQ on the beach, or enjoy the shops, restaurants and clubs along the front. Just watch out for the seagulls – they love a chip!

All accommodation is self-catered, and you’re likely to share a communal kitchen. If heating up a tin of beans is too much for you, there are plenty of places to eat on campus or in town.

Include students

Where it’s suitable, give a voice to our students.

"Everyone should campaign for what they believe in, because it’s likely that there are others that want the same change. Sussex is a consciously green University. It’s given me plenty of opportunities to make myself heard, and I’ve jumped at every one of them."

Fred Henderson, Ecosia on Campus campaigner

"Sussex has been ridiculously supportive. I have a sports scholarship which is brilliant, and my lecturers have really helped me fulfil my assignments during meets. I feel that I could ask anyone for help here and they’d always be there for me."

Poppy Joshi, world champion power lifter

"When I came to Sussex I really didn’t know what to expect. But on my first night my flatmates dragged me out for a drink. The friendliness took me by surprise as I wasn’t used to it, but it really helped me settle in."

Daniel Hajas, Founder and CEO of Grapheel and developer of the Iris app

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