Connected Sussex

Take a look at how we plan to build a thriving community that fosters good relations and supports a rich, diverse, rigorous, collegiate and inquisitive teaching, learning and research environment.

Our vision for Connected Sussex

Connected Sussex means that the University will actively foster a culture of good relations between all members of our campus – including but not restricted to identity, nationality, faith and political groups.

We will actively promote awareness and understanding of a wide range of groups, giving a voice to them to share their perspectives. We are committed to the principle of collaboration and consultation to make Sussex truly inclusive. We value the crucial contribution of our staff networks and the Students’ Union in sharing the staff and student voice of their membership to help shape policy and procedures which support all of our staff and students.

We will continue to promote the benefits of diversity across our local, national and global communities. We will seek to foster good relations across communities, both within the University and outside it - including with our local community through improving understanding and empathy.

Connected Sussex means that we will actively promote awareness and understanding of minority and under-represented staff and students to help foster good relations. We have already made good progress in supporting our staff networks with a clear commitment to our networks and time allocation for those who run them. In our People Strategy we have committed to enhance our existing community engagement structure to build stronger and more staff networks that give voice to marginalised groups, that collaborate with each other and inform/shape our work to facilitate a fair, open and inclusive environment.

Our Connector Programme involves students and staff working as equal partners, collaborating to improve the student experience at Sussex. Through co-creation, Connector teams develop careers support, embed technology in learning, design new course modules and more. Connector projects make a real difference to Student Connectors, Staff Connectors and the University community. Inclusivity is a hugely important part of this scheme helping to amplify the voices of under-represented student groups.

As part of our Engage for Change Strategy we have developed an International Strategy that aims to ensure that our students will be globally competent, confident, knowledgeable and skilled, prepared to thrive in a more diverse and interconnected world. Through our Internationalisation at Home strategy by 2025, 40% of our undergraduate students will undertake an international experience during their studies at home or abroad.

We will also commit to educating our staff and students to increase knowledge and awareness of minority and under-represented groups to deliver the inclusive culture we aspire to. We will ensure that all staff and students have accessed anti-racism learning. We will foster a culture of constructive dialogue about difference and a willingness to reduce “othering” through an allyship and listening programme and a series of speaker events. We will set up a religion and belief forum.

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