Accessible Sussex

Discover how we plan to provide equal access to excellent learning, research and employment opportunities for all with particular regard to disability and also recognising the accessibility needs of those with other protected characteristics.

Our vision for Accessible Sussex

Accessible Sussex means that everybody in our community can do what they need to do in a similar amount of time and with the same amount of effort. It means that people are empowered, can be independent, and will not be frustrated by something that is poorly designed or implemented.

Notwithstanding the challenges raised by the topography of our campus, we aim to be fully accessible, transforming the University so that all members of our campus community have a fully inclusive experience, providing the kind of environment where people can achieve their ambitions and potential. We will provide equal access to excellent learning, research and employment opportunities regardless of physical or unseen impairments and other identities. Our belief that what is necessary for some is generally good for all will be at the heart of how we design our services and facilities.

We are proud of our campus which offers a stunning location and unique architectural heritage. But we acknowledge the constraints and barriers to accessibility that our campus presents. We will address some difficult issues by actively embracing the challenge of delivering innovative approaches to improve accessibility. Our new estate strategy articulates our plans to develop our estate. In implementing that we will collaborate with experts in this field to identify affordable solutions that provide accessibility without compromising the beauty and heritage of our estate. The accessibility challenges we face on campus are not simple to overcome and will take time and financial investment. In the short term we will continue to make practical improvements in line with the needs and requests of staff and students.

Our digital strategy sets out how we can support all our students and staff and increase accessibility. A robust and innovative digital architecture opens new and exciting opportunities to deliver greater accessibility. Technology will enable us to introduce new ways to deliver our services and for students and staff to engage with us.

We will use the Disability Confident scheme as a framework to shape our approaches to accessibility for our employees. Our aim is to provide seamless, joined-up solutions to applicants, staff and students accessing support for physical or unseen impairments and other requirements. Our aim is to improve understanding of how these issues impact our staff and students, what we are doing to address them and how everybody can become part of the solutions though kindness, collaboration and courage.

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