Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Staff networks

Our staff networks play an important role in achieving our goals outlined in our equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, Inclusive Sussex. The networks provide staff with the opportunity to meet with colleagues from across campus and get involved with network activities.

Our commitment to Staff Networks

The University is committed to the principle of collaboration and consultation to make Sussex truly inclusive. We value the crucial contribution of our staff networks in sharing the staff voice of their membership to help shape policy and procedures which support all of our staff and ensure we meet our goals on equality, diversity and inclusion. We have set out our commitment to our staff networks [DOCX] and how we support them.

All of our staff networks use the same standard terms of reference [DOCX] as the basis for agreeing the terms of reference for their network. This helps ensure that the networks can work effectively together.

Ethnic Minority Staff Network

The University’s Ethnic Minority Staff Network is for all staff who define themselves as belonging to a minority ethnic group. The network re-launched in early in 2022 and meets termly. If you would like to be a part of the network, please email EMSN-staff@sussex.ac.uk to sign up.

LGBTQ+ Staff Network

The LGBTQ+ Staff Network is an in inclusive group for all LGBTQIA+ Staff and PhD students at Sussex. It seeks to raise awareness and understanding of issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community, share and celebrate the contributions of LGBTQIA+ people and groups, and contribute to policy and processes across the University.

The network delivers events and initiatives across the year, and provides opportunities for colleagues to socialise with others in the community, share their voice, and find support if and when they need it. The Network values LGBTQIA+ allyship and welcomes allies at the majority of its events and initiatives.   

For updates about the network, check out the LGBTQ+ Staff Network Newsletter. If you would like to find out more information or join the network, please email lgbt-staff@sussex.ac.uk.

Neurodiversity Staff Support Network

Please visit Neurodiversity Staff Network for further information and details of how to join the network.

Sussex Parent and Carer Network

The Sussex Parent and Carer Network aims to support staff in balancing their caring responsibilities and professional roles. It is open to any staff, in any role who have some form of caring responsibility. You can find more about the network and advice for carers on the carers pages and in the Networks Terms of Reference 

If you would like to join the network or would like further information you can contact the network by emailing the Chair of the Network Hannah Mason-Bish h.mason-bish@sussex.ac.uk.

Staff Disability Network

The Staff Disability Network is for Sussex Staff who self-identify as having a disability. The network hosts termly drop-ins for a chance to share confidential feedback, offers email support and have recently launched a Teams channel for peer-to-peer connection. The network seeks to raise awareness across campus with events and advocacy within decision-making and policy change..

If you would like to join the network, please email staffdisabilitynetwork@sussex.ac.uk with your request to join. There is no obligation to share your reasons for joining, you will not be asked. However, members are welcome to advocate or share with others if they want to.

If you would like further information, you can contact the Co-Chairs of the network by emailing staffdisabilitynetwork@sussex.ac.uk

Trans and Non-Binary Staff Network

The Trans and Non-Binary Staff Network is a confidential and a fully inclusive group, open to all members of staff or postgraduates who identify as Trans/Non-Binary. It meets occasionally to discuss and review policy development, as well as organising different events throughout the year.

If you would like to join the network or would like further information you can contact the network by emailing the mailing list transnonbinarystaff@sussex.ac.uk. The mailing list is monitored and – to ensure confidentially – is accessed only by the Trans Convenor.

Long COVID Staff Support Network

The Long COVID Staff Support Network sits under the umbrella of the Staff Disability Network and aims to support staff who have either been diagnosed with long COVID, or who suspect that they may have long COVID following infection with the COVID-19 virus. 

The Network operates and meets through Microsoft Teams where staff are able to connect with each other, share helpful resources and provide peer support. The Network also provides a mechanism for the provision of feedback to the Staff Disability Network, ensuring that the University is understanding of and fully conversant with the needs of our Long COVID staff community.

If you would like to join the Network or would like further information about the Network please e-mail the EDI Unit edi.unit@sussex.ac.uk.