Sensor Technology Research Centre

Research: behaviour analytics in everyday life

This project is funded by an EPSRC iCASE and Unilever and funds a 4 year PhD studentship to advance sensor technologies, embedded sensing and AI for behaviour analytics in everyday life.

One particular focus is to identify a minimal set of wearable devices - based on our BlueSense research platform and extended with novel sensor modalities - which can allow to robustly recognise human behaviour revelant for consumer behaviour research. One particular target use case is the detection of activities of daily living related to grooming (e.g. brushing teeth, washing hands, combing hair) which could be relevant to understand how people use consumer products.


Jocys, Zygimantas, Pour Yazdan Panah Kermani, Arash and Roggen, Daniel (2020) Multimodal fusion of IMUs and EPS body worn sensors for scratch recognition. EAI PervasiveHealth 2020 - 14th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, Atlanta, United States, May 18-20, 2020. Published in: Badram, Jakob, Chung, Chia-Fang, Jacobs, Maia, Morrisey, Kellie, Orji, Rita, Song, Junehwa and Yarosh, Lana, (eds.) Proceedings of Pervasive Health 2020. ACM (Accepted)


Zygimantas Jocys.