Strength and Conditioning room

Located at the Falmer Sports Complex on campus, the Strength and Conditioning (S&C) room was refurbished in summer 2014 and is designed to add a bit more fun and variety to your workout.

The room has three Absolute Performance rigs, which allow you to perform the main lifts (deadlift, bench, squat) as well as attach ropes, TRXs, gym rings and dip attachments to add variety to your workout.

The room also has dumbbells ranging from 2-30kg, two dual adjustable pulleys and an assisted chin dip machine.

The facility is also used by our Sports Scholars and for metabolic group fitness classes.

Training times:

The S&C room is open to all students and the public but has a number of closed sessions, please check back here at the start of term for an updated timetable.