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Professor of #Biology, specializing in #bumblebees. Author of: A Sting in the Tale; A Buzz in the Meadow; Bee Quest. Youtube: https://t.co/fEGSoXoj0f

@RoseClientEarth I'm afraid the studies are embargoed - they have been given to media folk and some scientists, but… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

@EcoWitch Says a lot about the competence of the pest control people that they couldn't tell the difference :(

@Noname1465 Some evidence of avoidance, other evidence sugggests they might get addicted!

@wurflenii Impossible to be sure, but looks like subterraneous to me.

RT @CosmicGirl_78: Very informative interview with @DaveGoulson . I highly recommend reading. twitter.com/earthFgardener…

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