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Professor of #Biology, specializing in #bumblebees. Author of: A Sting in the Tale; A Buzz in the Meadow; Bee Quest. Youtube: https://t.co/fEGSoXoj0f

@MsTKIndeed Fair points, I don't know how much of that was due to petitions but great if it was.

@ButtsBees I'm not an expert on honeybee hive management I'm afraid. Varroa mites only affect honeybees, not any of… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

@riverflyflint These are farm birds, so unlikely to be being given commercial bird food, though your suggestion of… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

RT @JeffOllerton: Do environmentalists have room for optimism? Inspired by @ideas4sust accompanied by an amazing Russian map from th… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

@NopparadaM S Uist is the best place!

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