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Professor of #Biology, specializing in #bumblebees. Author of: A Sting in the Tale; A Buzz in the Meadow; Bee Quest. Youtube: https://t.co/fEGSoXoj0f

@AdriaanJurriens Looks like a male lapidarius to me

RT @JeffOllerton: All scientists should consider signing this letter #ScientistsWarningToHumanity …tistswarning.forestry.oregonstate.edu

@adzebill Thanks for letting me know, I'll try to squeeze that into future revisions! "Bee Quest" might be of interest ;)

RT @lbtb_yyj: Belated discovery of @DaveGoulson 5-star books, started with this one and just signed up for @BumblebeeTrust news… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

@fwyffels @Michielstock Looks like sylvestris?

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