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Professor of #Biology, specializing in the #ecology and #conservation of #bumblebees. Author of the bestselling A Sting in the Tale and A Buzz in the Meadow.

@different_sarah @BumblebeeTrust @Bumble_Watching common carder - yes. Lovely pics

@different_sarah @BumblebeeTrust @Bumble_Watching For the record, it is a garden bbee - v long tongue, fringe of yellow on back of thorax

RT @GenEngNetwork: Maryland Pollinator Protection Act Becomes Law-First US State to Restriction #Neonics @DaveGoulson @GMWatch beyondpesticides.org/dailynewsblog/…

@nicolaspernot @RSPBScience Don't think it was recorded. U R welcome to the ppt - send me a direct message

RT @TWBC_Museum: Many folk may scream 'Weeds!' but I quite like this pavement-side flora. About 32 species along little Albion Rd pic.twitter.com/qgs5oSdQNJ

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