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Professor of Biology, specializing in the ecology and conservation of #bumblebees. Author of the bestselling A Sting in the Tale

@jcmoore111 OK, honeybees are quite cool, but we've seen and heard most of that before - but nothing about all the others..

@Dukevfr @AdamHartScience Yes, they live alone, and they don't excavate, so nothing to worry about :)

@Dukevfr @AdamHartScience yes, they do, if there is a hole. They line it with the leaves.

@dunbarrover Estimates suggest honeybees contribute max ~30% of UK pollination

RT @RosinyolBord: @DaveGoulson This isn't a honeybee either, it's far more enigmatic and beautiful... pic.twitter.com/4CRVGYewbn

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