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Professor of Biology, specializing in the ecology and conservation of #bumblebees. Author of the bestselling A Sting in the Tale and A Buzz in the Meadow

RT @Arebeia: @DaveGoulson Indeed, why have faith based schools in the first place? Divisive.

RT @sofiabiologista: Pleasing fungus beetles, family Erotylidae are easily recognized by their colors & patterns ©ShirleyS @loobyhill1985 pic.twitter.com/dD8ijDMxJM

@godisared And they spray them many times a year, with lots of different pesticides...

Why do we allow primary schools to openly discriminate against non-Christian children? fairadmissions.org.uk/why-is-this-an…

In case u missed it, my suggestions as to why farmland wildlife is disappearing: splash.sussex.ac.uk/blog/for/dg229… pic.twitter.com/NiLCJ1IWfx

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