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Prof Dave Goulson,  Tel: 01273 678843

Email d.goulson@sussex.ac.uk

Dave Goulson attempting to hide behind bush vetch. We can see you Dave!

Dave Goulson trying to hide


Dr Ellen Rotheray (Postdoctoral Fellow), studying the population biology of bumblebees and agro-ecosystems. Also moonlights with hoverflies.


Ellie Rotheray getting very excited by bees!

 Ellen Rotheray


Dr Cristina Botias Talamantes (Postdoctoral Fellow), studying the effects of neonicotinoid insecticides on bees

Ah, the joys of extracting nectar. If only we could train bees to do this...


Tom Wood (PhD student), studying the effectiveness of agri-environment schemes at boosting bee populations


Tom Wood; ready for anything - a coiled spring!

 Tom Wood

Leanne Casey (PhD student), using citizen science to study bumblebee distributions and populations

 Leanne is shy!

Andreia Penado (PhD student), studying the distribution, ecology, and impacts of climate change on Iberian bumblebees

Andreia wrestles an anaconda


Linda Birkin (PhD student), studying pollinators and pollination services in urban environments


Kate Basley (PhD student), studying the impacts of neonicotinoids on the wider environment (birds, hoverflies, soil inverts).

Kate Basley

Janine Griffiths-Lee, PhD student studying ways to boost wild bee populations in vineyards, orchards, allotments and gardens


Dr Beth Nicholls, studying the impacts of neonicotinoid pesticides on bumblebees and solitary bees (funded by BBSRC)

     Beth Nicholls

Dr Saija Piiroinen, working on the impacts of chronic pesticide exposure and diseases on bumblebee health and learning








Professor of #Biology, specializing in #bumblebees. Author of: A Sting in the Tale; A Buzz in the Meadow; Bee Quest. Youtube: https://t.co/fEGSoXoj0f

@RiVerG1Rl It is a fly but I'm afraid I don't know which one. Tiny antennae are a useful clue it isn't a bee.

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Pine hawk, had no idea they were in my garden until we ran a moth trap last night pic.twitter.com/Iimr7GtjKY

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