Equipment and Facilities

Our laboratory, and department, are very well equipped for anaerobic synthesis and the characterisation and study of reactive organometallic compounds.

Group members work in 2-person lab bays, each fully equipped for anaerobic synthesis; each worker has a dedidcated double-manifold Schlenk line.

A typical bay in the Crossley lab side view of one of our Schlenk lines one of our Schlenk lines


We have two dedicated MBraun glove boxes, operating under catalytically purifed atmospheres (N2; Ar) and equipped with solvent scrubbers and –35°C freezers.

MBRaun Glove Box MBRaun Glove Box


Electrochemical studies are carried out using our EmStat3+ potentiostat, with blue-tooth connectivity allowing easy operation under inert atmosphere.

The EmStat3+ Blue potentiostat EmStat3+ Blue potentiostat running in the dry box under blue-tooth CV under PSTrace


We also have an OTTLE (Optically Transparent Thin Layer Elecrode) cell for spectro-electrochemical studies.

Close up of our Optically Transparent Thin Layer Electrode cell Our OTTLE cell operating in the spectrometer with applied potential Running some spec-e-chem - consecutive IR and UV studies


Write-up space provides each group member with a dedicated desk and PC.  IT provison is supplemented by group-based facilities for file back-up, X-ray structure solution and DFT calculations (Gaussian 09W).  We also have a dedicated HPC node for more complex calculations.

Our write-up space Our write-up space