People & contacts

Current Lab Members

Dr Ian Crossley, Lab PI

Dr Ian Crossley
Principal Investigator



Head shot of Monte Head shot of Theo the summer student 2022 Head shot of Rachel
Dr Monte Helm
Visiting Senior Lecturer
Theo Webb
Research Volunteer
Summer Placement Student 2022
Rachel Brown
MChem Project Student


Former Group Members

Postgraduate & Post-docs

Kyle Pearce maddie Dr Samantha Furfari
Dr Kyle Pearce
Ph.D. 2021
PDRA (with Prof. M.S. Hill)
University of Bath
Dr Madeleine Levis
Ph.D. 2021
Working in the healthcare sector
Dr Samantha Furfari
PDRA 2016-2019
Now: Associate Lecturer (T&S), University of York
Previously: PDRA with Prof. A. Weller
Matt Dr Victoria Greenacre Dr Nicola Trathen
Dr Matthew Leech
Ph.D. 2018
PDRA (with Dr K. Lam)
University of Greenwich
Dr Victoria Greenacre
Ph.D. 2016
Research Fellow (with Prof. G. Reid),
University of Southampton
Dr Nicola Trathen
Ph.D. 2014
Left to become Publishing Editor
with RSC journals
Dr Amy Saunders    
Dr Amy Saunders
Ph.D. 2014
Now: Editor with Satellite Evolution Group
Previously: Deputy Editor, Pro Global Media



Mikey, MChem 2021-22

Mikey Staines
Project Student (2021-2022)
Now: PhD student with Prof. Saiful Islam, Oxford


Doug Walker
Project Student (2020-2021)
Joint with Layfield Lab

Fruzsina Gnandt

Fruzsina Gnandt
Project Student (2020-2021)
Now: Experimental Office, Labcorp Drug Development

Matt Reveley

MAtthew Reveley
Project Student (2020-2021)
Now: DPhil Student Goicoechea Group, Oxford

Alex Darnley

Alex Darnley
Project Student (2020-2021)

Eli Canham (MChem 2019-20)

Eli Canham
Project Student (2019-2020)
Now: Studying Midwifery at Cardiff University

Harry Jackson (MChem 2019-20)

Harry Jackson
Project Student (2019-2020)

Vlad, head shot

Vladimir Simenok
Junior Research Associate (JRA; summer 2019)

Photo of Josh Tyrrell

Josh Tyrrellt 
Project Student (2018-2019)
(RSC Summer Student 2017)

2017 - 2019

Jennifer Smart 
M.Chem. (2017-2018)
(Junior Research Assistant 2016)
Now: Ph.D. Student at Warwick with Adrian Chaplin

Joe Joseph Paterson
M.Chem. (2016-2017)
2015 - 2016
Peter Winrow Peter Winrow
M.Chem. (2014-2015)
Graduate RA (voluntary 2016)
Now: Ink Technologist at Sun Chemical


Leanne Pentecost
M.Chem. (2014-2015)
Now: Ph.D. Student with Alfredo Vargas


Luke Evans
M.Chem. (2014-2015)

2013 - 2014

Josh Kent

Josh Kent
M.Chem. (2013-2014)
Now: Research Assistant at the Cambridge Institute

Chris Parry

Chris Parry
M.Chem. (2013-2014)

Jack Hayes

Jack Hayes
M.Chem.  (2012-2013)
Vacation Research Assistant 2011/2012
Now: Fixed Income Consultant at FactSet

Melvyn at graduation, July 2017

Dr Melvyn Ansell
M.Chem. (2012-2013)
Junior Research Associate 2012 
Now: Trainee Patent Attorney
2010 - 2012
Charli Averre, MChem student 2010

Charlotte Averre
M.Chem. (2009-2010)
PGCE at Sussex (2010-2011)
Now: Chemistry Teacher at The British School, Rio de Janeiro


Alexander Kerr
M.Chem. (2011-2012)
Now: Encapsulation Technologist, Lambson Ltd, Surrey