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Teaching and learning

So just what will the Sussex learning experience be like?

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Geography modules are taught through a combination of lectures, practicals, workshops, tutorials and small group seminars. The seminar teaching is a hallmark of Sussex, allowing you to get to know both your tutors and other students in the group well, and to talk about module material in a friendly and supportive environment.

We assess your progress throughout your degree using a range of different assessment modes (and don't simply default to unseen examinations every time). These often include combinations of essays, practical write-ups, project reports, seminar presentations, field notebooks and learning diaries.

Much of our teaching (especially in your second and third years) builds on the research interests of Faculty members, all of whom publish within their fields of specialism. Visit Department of Geography: Research for more information.

For an example of some of the international climate change research our staff contribute to, see:

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