The world champion powerlifter

Push yourself, step outside your comfort zone and use what you've learned to inspire others. At Sussex, you'll be supported to be whoever you want to be. Meet powerlifter and Sussex student, Poppy Joshi, who alongside studying a Physics and Astronomy degree, set a new world record in her category.

Poppy Joshi - World champion powerlifter

Poppy's story

"You have to make sacrifices to get a world record. Socialising’s a luxury, especially when you’re studying as well. Sleep doesn’t get much of a chance either.

"I’ve had to push myself, but I’ve still got a physics degree to get. I love being competitive, but I know that it’s not something I’ll do forever. When I’ve finished my MPhys I’d like to study for my PhD. My end goal is to be an astronaut though. I think that’s the coolest thing ever." 

I love the satisfaction of blowing them away by lifting 100 kilos.” Poppy Joshi
Physics and Astronomy MPhys

"When I first started at the gym I was put off by guys lifting huge weights. But now, every time I approach the squat rack and they’re like “she’s only going to lift 20 kilos”, I love the satisfaction of blowing them away by lifting 100 kilos.

"I got involved in Sussex This Girl Can because I want to help get more girls involved in competitive sports. I hate seeing them intimidated by the gym. There’s no reason that anyone should feel like that.

"Sussex has been ridiculously supportive. I have a sports scholarship which is brilliant, and my lecturers have really helped me fulfil my assignments during meets. I feel that I could ask anyone for help here and they’d always be there for me.

"So, if you’re considering coming to Sussex, don’t consider it... just come."

Find out more about the This Girl Can campaign.

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