Student Support Unit

Information For Parents

Coming to university is a huge step for any young person. For disabled students, there may be additional things to consider. Find information for parents and supporters of students with a disability or learning difference below.

We encourage students to contact us and we work with them on a confidential basis. Contact us by emailing

Disclosure and Confidentiality

Disclosing a disability will not negatively influence a student’s application, grades or the qualification they receive.

Anything they tell us will be classed as sensitive personal data and will be treated confidentially.

Most students at university are aged 18+, which means they are adults. We work with students on a confidential basis. We will store information securely. We will only share information about a disability/learning difference with staff and organisations who have a role in supporting or teaching a student, such as a personal tutor or other staff in academic schools, and we will ask for consent first.

We cannot share student information with third parties, including parents and supporters, without prior consent.

Before you come to the University

We encourage students to be as independent as possible and often the most helpful thing to do is support a student to access University services independently. 

Sometimes you may want to contact your family member but be unable to do so. We recognise our students as independent adults.

Therefore we need their consent to talk to anyone outside the University about them, including parents and guardians.

We cannot confirm to a third party including parents or guardians if someone is a student at the University, or their whereabouts.

We strongly advise students to disclose any disability or learning difference so that we can provide confidential advice about available support. This can be done when you apply to university, on your application form, or once you are here, by contacting us.

If you do not tell us about your disability, you may not receive the full range of support available.

We strongly advise students to find out what support is available before they start their studies. Please see the other sections of our website for more details.