Sensation and Perception to Awareness: Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarship Programme


We are proud to announce the following publications that have been generated by our PhD students so far...

Armitage, R.M., V. Iatridi, and M.R. Yeomans, Understanding sweet-liking phenotypes and their implications for obesity: Narrative review and future directions. Physiology and Behavior, 2021: p. 113398.

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Bilbow, S., Kiefer, C., Chevalier, C. (2021). The value of sound within a multisensory approach to AR in the arts. In: Proceedings of the Multisensory Augmented Reality Workshop, INTERACT 2021.

Dance, C.J., Ipser, A., & Simner, J. (2022). The Prevalence of Aphantasia (Imagery Weakness) in the General Population. Consciousness and Cognition.

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