Open positions

Our lab has started out in January 2021.

We have a fully funded position for a PhD student (starting in September/October 2021).

To apply for the PhD student position, you should have a background in biology, psychology, a quantitative discipline, or a similar field, and you should be motivated to study the visual system, behaviour and neural coding. The earliest start of the position is September 2021. Please, find out more details about the offered studentship and how to apply at the advertised description.

Alternatively, you can apply to the Sussex Neuroscience 4-year PhD Programme, and then choose a project in my lab. Applications for the start in September 2021 have now closed.

The Phd project available through SoCoBio DTP is a collaboration with the Lagnado Lab at Sussex and with our industrial partner, Dr Christian Wilms at Scientifica Ltd. The goal of the project is to understand how different synaptic inputs shape neural responses by simultaneously imaging presynaptic axons and postsynaptic neurons. In particular, the Phd student will study retinal, cortical and neuromodulatory inputs to the superior colliculus in mice. In preparation of this research, the student will work with Scientifica Ltd to develop a two-photon microscope that performs multi-region imaging. If yoy are interested, apply to SoCoBio DTP by January 4, 2021. Once you are accepted, you can choose this project as your Phd project.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please, get in contact via email for more information.

We are currently not recruiting Postdocs. If you want to join the lab through your own funding, please get in touch.