SchrÖder Lab

Vision and behaviour

Welcome to the Schröder Lab!

Our goal is to understand how behaviour influences visual processing in the early visual system including the retina and the superior colliculus. We want to understand how the processing of visual information improves when information about behaviour and internal state is integrated in this processing. Does the integration of vision and behaviour help the animal to make better decisions? Finally, we want to understand which mechanisms underlie the integration of visual and behavioural information in the brain.

We believe that basic neuroscience research like ours will help us understand the functions of the brain in health and disease.

Open Positions

Our lab has started out in January 2021. We have an open position for a PhD student. Contact me if you are interested, and check Open Positions for more information.


In doing research our guiding principles are:

  • Scientific excellence: We aim for the highest scientific standards valuing quality over quantity. We value innovation based on solid understanding, transparency and open science.
  • Team work: Our work thrives through collaboration. We encourage people to ask questions and help them to fulfill their potential.
  • Diversity: We embrace diversity and open minds. People are different; difference enriches science and our community.


We are very grateful to the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society who are generously funding our research through a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship.

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Our lab is part of SNAC (Centre for Sensory Neuroscience and Computation) and Sussex Neuroscience.



If you have any questions, email