Open positions

Our aim is to foster an environment where you feel supported to conduct science of the very highest standard, science that you feel excited about and proud to share, both within the scientific community and beyond. We will work with you to support your professional development, and help you prepare for and further your career, be that within or outside of academia.

A solitary bee on a blue flower

Our approach and philosophy*:

  • We adhere to the principles of scientific integrity (UK Research Integrity Office website) and always aim to produce research of the highest possible standard
  • We respect and support our colleagues and the wider scientific community
  • We favour collaboration over competition
  • We maintain a healthy work-life balance and recognise that resting and doing fun things outside of our work are very important
  • We actively encourage and support diversity of all kinds and are committed to fostering an inclusive working environment and widening participation in science
  • We are open to novel ideas, approaches and collaborations outside our discipline(s)
  • We are passionate about communicating our research and involving diverse stakeholders in the scientific process

*Our lab philosophy was inspired and shaped by the following research lab statements: Cooper lab, Russell lab, Aly lab and Peelle lab.

Open Positions

Research technician post: We are currently recruiting a research technician to assist with behavioral experiments examining the pollen-foraging preferences of bees in the Nicholls lab. This vacancy is only open to those currently employed by the University (Including those employed through Reed, Chartwells, and SEF) and current Sussex students. Closing date 6th June 2023. More details on how to apply:

Unfortunately we currently do not have any open PhD or post-doctoral positions in our lab. I would be happy to support collaborations or independent fellowship applications, please contact me on to discuss in the first instance.