Events and outreach activities

These are just a few of the many events we are invloved in and some examples of outreach activities and social events hosted by SDDC staff.


Visit 1

Visit 2

SDDC Team Awayday to Arundel Wetland Centre March 2024 

Meal 1

 The SDDC Christmas meal December 2023

Students 1

 Two MChem students filtering their organic solvent as part of the work up from a formylation known as a Duff reaction.



Erika Mancini, Kay Osborn and Jess Booth at ELRIG Liverpool Oct 2023 - enjoying the fresh sea breezes ! 

Kroto 2

John Spencer, Hazel Cox and George Kostakis at the Kroto JRA (Junior Research Associates) poster session with Margaret Kroto and Carole Walton Oct 2023 

Beach 2

Sarah Lilley mobilising a planar patch-clamp set-up with live experiments and teaching at the 38th Microelectrode Techniques course held annually in Plymouth UK, Sept 2023. 

 Beach 1

Sarah Lilley & Damian Bell (Sophion) at this year’s BNA Festival of Neuroscience, Brighton to promote Sophion’s electrophysiology platforms in use at SDDC. Mental health awareness was also promoted by a beach art exhibition curated by Sussex neuroscientists.

S Visit

Prof David Wylie (Edinburgh) Dr Damian Bell (Sophion) and Dr Sarah Lilley in the Sophion lab


 John Spencer has won an award for 'Most Collaborative Colleague' at the School's Research Symposium on the 17th January 23.


The SDDC Chritsmas meal December 2022 !


Dr Roy Fox with work experience student Abigail who enjoyed some time in the lab and was able to experience a little of what we do here at Sussex.


At the GDSC Retreat in November 22 - poster session and sunset !


 John Spencer with Hon Prof Adrian Gill, Sussex alumnus. Adrian visited the blue plaque awarded by the Royal Society of Chemistry to commemorate Sir Harry Kroto (Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996).

  Sarah & Damien

Dr Sarah Lilley and Dr Damian Bell (Sophion) at the Cambridge Neuroscience Seminar 2022 ‘New Horizons’ meeting at Fitzwilliam College Cambridge.


Drs Penn, Murrell-Lagnado (Neuroscience) & Sarah Lilley (SDDC) attended the Ion Channel Modulation Symposium, Cambridge. 


Speakers at our Research Awayday in June - Prof Angela Russell (Chemistry & Pharmacology, University of Oxford) and Dr Damian Bell (Sophion Bioscience) with Prof John Spencer and Dr Sarah Lilley.


SDDC delegates at the Cambridge Ion Channel Forum (CICF) in May 2022.


Seminar by Dr Karin Tuschl from UCL ICH in April, 2022. Amazing work on Mn transporter defects in disease. 


 Vladimir Simenok (top LHS) and Marina Apostolidou (centre front row) finishing their MChem projects with supervision notably from SDDC Chemists Andy and Claire.


Drs  Sarah Lilley and Kay Osborn at the ELRIG Hot Topic Networking Conference in March 2022.


Dr Andrew Jamieson (University of Glasgow) was in Brighton in March 2022 to give a seminar on the ‘Development of potent PfCLK3 inhibitors as a new class of antimalarials’. 


  Alice was shown around the SDDC labs in March whilst on work experience - in the lab with senior Chemist Claire Adcock.


Prof John Spencer with Thomas Massey, Professor Emeritus, Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences and Yanyan Evan-Jones Assistant Experiential Learning Manager, Bader International Study Centre of Queen’s University.


In January 2022, fifty 1st year Physiology & Pharmacology students from Queens University, Canada visited the labs and had an overview of techniques used both in academic research and in developing new drugs in pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries.


Drs Lilley and Fox showcasing SDDC’s world-leading research at the GDSC retreat in November, 2021 in Brighton.


 November 2021, Prof Spencer addressing 120 students at Uckfield College about chemistry, covid, cancer research and careers. 


Dr Sarah Lilley and Dr Kath Adley help to plant trees on campus as part of the Forest Food Garden initiative in 2018