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SCMR research associates and academic visitors

Various schools within the University of Sussex host academic visitors, including visiting students, researchers and practitioners. As the directors of SCMR are based in the School of Global Studies, most SCMR visitors are based there too, although other options are available. 

The School of Global Studies webpage has guidance for academic visitors.

Current SCMR research associates

Dr Bashàïr Ahmed

Bashàïr is CEO of Shabaka, a consulting and research organisation, focused on diaspora-led humanitarian preparedness, reponse and recovery.  Her PhD research explored the transnational activities of the children of migrants from the Horn of Africa in the UK and USA.

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Dr Pattraporn Chuenglertsiri

Pattraporn is a Lecturer at the Institute for Population and Social Research, at Mahidol University, Thailand. Her PhD was on the transnational marriage migration of Thai women, and she is currently researching parenting and child-rearing amongst displaced families from Myanmar.

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Dr Catarina Mazzilli

Catarina is a Research Fellow at ODI, where her research focuses on migration policies and the links between migration and development. She has also worked on issued to do with asylum, regularisation and integration policies, and undocumented migration.   

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Dr Md Farid Miah

Farid is a postdoctoral research fellow and tutor at the University of Sussex.  Farid has been working on the Horizon 2020 MIRNET project, and his PhD research examined the tranational visiting mobiliites of British Bangladeshis and their non-migrant relatives and friends. 

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Dr Thabani Mutambasere

Thabani is a Lecturer in African Studies and International Development at the University of Edinburgh.  His research focuses on African diasporas (identity, belonging), transnationalism (including religious and political transnationalism), diaspora political mobilisations, migration and development. 

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Dr Nicole (Nik) Ostrand

Nik is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oslo, where she is part of the Norms Project researching Frontex and how norms on deportation are negotiated and contested at the street-level.  Her previous work investigated the UK's extraterritorial migration management, and she is an Associate Editor of JEMS.

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Dr Reinhard Schweitzer

Reinhard is a Research Fellow at the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs.  Reinhard studies legal frameworks, everyday practices of policy implementation, and ways in which migrants themselves perceive, use, bend or resist the rules and restrictions imposed on their mobility and 'integration'.  He is an Associate Editor of JEMS.

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