The Rez

Cartoon characters from 'The Rez'

Things in the future are great... on the surface. You can change what you look like whenever you want. Purple skin, no problem. Pointy ears, no problem. Wings, or fins, or six-foot hair, you can have whatever you want... if you have the credits. And JEF, the helpful algorithm that runs things, makes sure that everyone stays happy by buying Omni Burgers, crystal unicorns, approved-knowledge downloads and other wild stuff.

But scratch that shiny surface and things aren’t really so nice. People are a bit sad and lonely and can’t properly talk to each other. They’ve forgotten what it means to really connect. But our heroes, Sav and Preen, have a plan to fix things called “The Rez”. They’ve found a way to communicate with the kids of the 2020s and are asking for tips about things like “kindness” and “real friendship” to help bring people closer together, bring down JEF, and generally make the world a better place.

Devised by an international award-winning team of creatives including Martin Spinelli, Professor of Podcasting & Creative Media, it starred the lead of Hamilton in the West End and several BAFTA winners. The series is nearing 100,000 downloads and has been used in nearly 20 schools and clubs so far. Season 2 was recently funded by the Arts Council.

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