A comprehensive list of academic papers submitted to journals by the EVENTS Project Lab.

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Mojescik K. M., Beren S., De Luca F., Ritchey M., & Bird C. M. (2024). The Relationship Between Subjective Memory Experience and Objective Memory Performance Remains Stable Across the Lifespan. Collabra: Psychology


Raykov, P.P., Varga, D., & Bird, C. M. (2023). False memories for ending events. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 152(12), 3459–3475.


Berens, S.C & Bird, C.M. (2022) Hippocampal and medial prefrontal cortices encode structural task representations following progressive and interleaved training schedules. PLoS Computational Biology, 18(10), e1010566.

Bromis K., & Raykov, P. P., Wickens, L., Roseboom, W & Bird, C.M. (2022).The neural representation of events is dominated by elements that are most reliably present. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 34(3), 517-531.

Raykov, P.P., Keidel, J. L., Oakhill, J., & Bird, C.M. (2022). The importance of semantic network brain regions in integrating prior knowledge with an ongoing dialogue. eNeuro, 9(5) 0116-22.2022. 


Raykov, P.P., Keidel, J.L., Oakhill, J., & Bird C.M. (2021). Activation of person knowledge in medial prefrontal cortex during the encoding of new lifelike events. Cerebral Cortex, 31(7), 3494–3505.


Berens, S, C., Bird, C.M & Harrison,  N.A.(2020). Minocycline differentially modulates human spatial memory systems. Neuropsychopharmacology, 45, 2162–2169.

Bird, C.M. (2020). How do we remember events? Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 

Horst, J.S & Bird, C.M. (2020). Conceptual systems align to aid concept learning. Nature Machine Intelligence, 


Oedekoven, C.S., Keidel, J.L., Anderson, S., Nisbet, A & Bird C.M. (2019). Effects of amnesia on processing in the hippocampus and default mode network during a naturalistic memory task: a case study. 
Neuropsychologia, 132,107014.

Racey, C., Franklin, A & Bird C.M. (2019). The processing of color preference in the brain. NeuroImage, 191, 529-536.

Raykov, P.P., Keidel,  J.L., Oakhill, J &  Bird, C.M. (2019). The brain regions supporting schema-related processing of people’s identities. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 37, 8-24. https://doi:/10.1080/02643294.2019.168958

Sievers, C., Bird, C.M & Renoult, L. (2019). Predicting memory formation over multiple study episodes.
Learning and Memory, 26,465-472.


Berens, S.C., Horst, J.S., & Bird C.M. (2018). Cross-situational learning is supported by propose-but-verify hypothesis testing. Current Biology, 28(7),1132-1136.

Keidel, J.L., Oedekoven, C.S.H., Tut, A.C & Bird, C.M. (2018). Multiscale integration of contextual information during a naturalistic task. Cerebral Cortex, 28(10), 3531-3539.


Berens, S.C & Bird C.M. (2017) The role of the hippocampus in generalizing configural relationships. Hippocampus, 27, 223-228.

Bird, C.M. (2017) The role of the hippocampus in recognition memory. Cortex, 93, 155-165.

Bush, D., Bisby, J.A., Bird, C.M., Gollwitzer, S., Rodionov, R., Diehl, B., McEvoy, A.W., Walker, M.C., & Burgess, N. (2017) Human hippocampal theta power indicates movement onset and distance travelled. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(46), 12297-12302.

Oedekoven, C.S.H., Keidel, J.L., Berens, S.C & Bird C.M. (2017) Reinstatement of memory representations for lifelike events over the course of a week. Scientific Reports, 7(1) 14305.


Bird, C.M., Keidel, J.L., Ing, L.P., Horner, A.J & Burgess, N. (2015) Consolidation of complex events via reinstatement in posterior cingulate cortex. Journal of Neuroscience, 35(43), 14426-34.

De Visscher, A., Berens S.C., Keidel, J.L., Noel, M.P & Bird, C.M. (2015) The interference effect in arithmetic fact solving: An fMRI study. NeuroImage 116, 92-101.


Bird, C.M., Berens, S.C., Horner, A.J & Franklin, A. (2014) Categorical encoding of color in the brain. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111, 4590-4595.

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