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Giant tortoises “found” on campus

30 October 2018

After decades of believing two substantial works of art by his father were lost, Nicholas Skeaping has finally met them at the University of Sussex.

New Director of Research and Enterprise announced

30 October 2018

Sue Angulatta has been appointed as the University’s new Director of Research and Enterprise.

Minds over dark matter: A multisensory journey around the galaxy

30 October 2018

University of Sussex academics are helping to bring the feel and smell of deep space to one of Britain’s best-loved educational institutions.

An end to arachnophobia ‘just a heartbeat away’

30 October 2018

Exposing people with phobias to their fear at the exact time of their heartbeat led to the phobia reducing in severity, BSMS research shows.

Sussex team wins place in Europe’s bid to win global quantum race

29 October 2018

University of Sussex’s Ion Quantum Technology Group wins place on the European Quantum Technology Flagship initiative

New Athena SWAN Bronze Award for School of Engineering and Informatics

25 October 2018

The School of Engineering and Informatics has successfully renewed its Athena SWAN Bronze Award, recognising its commitment to gender equality.

University of Sussex Masters student becomes youngest female MP in Zimbabwe

24 October 2018

A 25-year-old University of Sussex Masters student has become the youngest female MP in Zimbabwe.

GP waiting rooms should provide better health education materials

24 October 2018

BSMS researchers found that little is known about how health education materials are presented to patients in the UK.

The stress-free way to listen to your unborn baby’s heart

22 October 2018

Checking the heartbeat of babies in the womb is set to become more accurate and less stressful for expectant mothers.

Scientists discover first high-temperature single-molecule magnet

19 October 2018

A team of scientists led by Professor Richard Layfield has published breakthrough research regarding single molecule magnets.

Items 11 to 20 of 1587

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