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Department of Mathematics congratulates winner of the world’s most prestigious maths prize

6 August 2018

Professor Figalli is a winner of the prestigious prize and is a research co-author of Dr Filippo Cagnetti, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at Sussex.

University of Sussex joins Stonewall Diversity Champions programme

3 August 2018

By joining the LGBT charity’s programme, Sussex hopes to create an inclusive and accepting campus environment for all students, staff and visitors.

“Pride is important because some people’s troubles are only just beginning”

2 August 2018

Coby Sharpe, a technician in the Media Technology Lab within Informatics, is taking part in this year’s Brighton & Hove Pride parade.

University of Sussex brings a splash of colour to Brighton & Hove Pride

1 August 2018

More than 80 students, staff and alumni will be celebrating Brighton & Hove Pride on Saturday (4 August) by taking part in the Pride Community Parade.

The PhD student aiming to become next natural history star of the Bee-Bee-C

31 July 2018

Gigi Henessy has entered a competition to find a fresh new presenter who offers a different perspective on all things natural history and science.

University to play key role in delivering Jersey Care Inquiry recommendation

25 July 2018

The University is playing a major role in helping to implement a key recommendation from an inquiry and develop a social work degree course on Jersey.

Biologist and artist team up to explore Sussex nature

25 July 2018

The past, present and future of Sussex’s natural landscapes were explored at a popular exhibition in Brighton.

Bin the bug spray now: New study shows EU pesticide ban is failing to protect suburban bee populations

24 July 2018

Bees living in suburban habitats are still exposed to significant levels of pesticides despite a EU ban on neonicotinoids on flowering crops.

The highest ever number of students will graduate from the University of Sussex this week

24 July 2018

This week the University of Sussex will award degrees to 3,866 finalists – the highest number to have ever graduated from the University.

Climate change will only affect the economic growth of the poorest nations

23 July 2018

New research reveals a negative causal relation between productivity growth and temperature shocks in the past.

Items 11 to 20 of 1555

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