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This Sussex Life. BSMS new medic Dr Abigail Jamieson: "I've never questioned why I'm doing this."

23 April 2020

Dr Abigail Jamieson is among Brighton and Sussex Medical School’s newly qualified medics about to join the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Happy Birthday Hubble: The University of Sussex celebrates the space telescope’s big 30

22 April 2020

The University of Sussex will be celebrating the 30th birthday of the Hubble Space Telescope with a special online talk.

Sussex Netball team raises over £3,000 to support NHS charities

22 April 2020

The University of Sussex Netball Club is running the length of Britain to raise money for NHS charities.

City Nature Challenge: how to reconnect with nature from home

22 April 2020

Organisers are urging people to continue to take part in the City Nature Challenge and find ways to connect with nature from their home.

Zoom, booze and blues in lockdown

17 April 2020

Sussex researchers continue to share their knowledge and expertise during the Covid-19 crisis

Road traffic noise causes bat activity to decrease by two thirds, as bats find it 'irritating'

16 April 2020

A study reveals the impact of traffic noise on bat activity, suggesting that negative effects could be felt considerable distances from the source.

New paper points the finger at the Rubber Hand Illusion and raises difficult questions for psychologists

10 April 2020

A world-famous psychological experiment used to explain the brain’s understanding of the body has been dismissed as not fit-for-purpose in a new paper

Medical school doctors qualify early to aid coronavirus crisis

8 April 2020

Fifth year medical students at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) have already taken their final assessments and will soon join the workforce.

This Sussex Life. MPhys student Andrew Bowell: "Our satellite data is helping Kenyan farmers."

8 April 2020

Andrew Bowell, a third-year MPhys (Astrophysics) student, is using satellite data to help Kenya’s Maasai farmers locate pastures for cattle grazing.

Task force to co-ordinate University’s coronavirus aid

8 April 2020

The University has established a task force to strategically co-ordinate its efforts to tackle the coronavirus in the most efficient way possible.

Items 41 to 50 of 1892

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