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Our research group studies the function and evolution of plant genomes, with a particular emphasis on transposable elements (TEs) that represent their largest component. We investigate the evolution of TE sequences themselves, but also other aspects such as the interactions between TEs and host epigenetic defenses, and how the cycles of TE proliferation and decay affect the evolution of gene regulatory networks. We take a multifaceted approach in our research, using the tools of genetics, molecular evolution and bioinformatics. We are working in close collaboration with the Darzentas lab in CEITEC (CZ) and Gaut lab in UCI (US). Together with (and run by) our collaborator Dr. Darzentas, we form the Bioinformatics Analysis Team, which hosts our data and resources on TEs.







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Dr Alexandros Bousios
Royal Society University Research Fellow

Tel: 01273 877256
Twitter: @abousios


School of Life Sciences
JMS building, room 5B8
University of Sussex
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