Widening Participation

Sussex Law School is committed to widening participation in higher education. Working in close collaboration with the Widening Participation Team at the University of Sussex, the Widening Participation Law Team delivers bespoke law programmes to pre-university students from partner schools and colleges in the Sussex and London area.

In delivering our law programmes, we aim to be inspiring, engaging and interactive. We want to ensure that all students, regardless of their background, recognise that a degree and future career in law is an option open to everyone. We seek to raise aspirations, provide subject enrichment and, most importantly, help students to build confidence and self-belief.

Widening Participation 2017"The Widening Participation Law Team, led by Verona, have consistently delivered engaging, inspirational and educational events and projects for our young people. Law is a very popular subject for the students we work with, so we are delighted to be collaborating with academics and tutors from the department. Whether it is running a Harry Potter-themed taster day for 11-12 year olds or an extended project throughout Year 12 for 16-17 year olds, our law programmes are an outstanding example of aspiration-raising and confidence-building activities with those least likely to attend university."

Chris Mason, Widening Participation, Academic Events Manager

Widening Participation Convenor

Profile PhotoDr Verona Ní Drisceoil is the Widening Participation Convenor for Law at Sussex Law School. Verona is deeply passionate and committed to teaching and learning and fully believes in the widening participation concept. She prides herself on organising and facilitating inspiring law programmes. Her approach to teaching is underpinned by a desire to reach out and make an impact; to make a connection with students; to inspire and to create an environment where students can learn, challenge and critique. As well as teaching in higher education, Verona has experience of teaching in further education and at secondary and primary school level.

Widening Participation Convenor for Law"I absolutely love being involved in the delivery of widening participation programmes to pre-university students. It is the ‘wondering estrangement’ that makes it so worthwhile. 

"I also enjoy nothing more than to see younger students develop and grow in confidence during the sessions and programmes and to realise that they too ‘can become what they are capable of becoming’. Within this environment, there is a real opportunity to make a difference and to connect - not only with the students taking part but with your own teaching and sense of being."  
Verona Ní Drisceoil


Supporting First Generation Scholars at Sussex Law School

The work of the Widening Participation Law Team is not confined to pre-university programmes but also committed to supporting first generation scholars at Sussex Law School.

The Widening Participation Law Team facilitates and supports the following initiatives:

  • First Generation Scholar Awards
    At graduation, Sussex Law School presents a number of monetary awards to first generation scholars for exceptional achievement.
  • Hardship Fund
    The Widening Participation Law Team offers financial support to law students who need a helping hand. This fund is facilitated by the Student Life Centre at the University of Sussex. Please contact Verona Ní Drisceoil for further information about this fund.
  • Middle Temple access to the Bar Award
    The Widening Participation Law Team also oversees applications to the Middle Temple Access to the Bar Award. Please contact Verona Ní Drisceoil for further information about this scheme.

Widening Participation Law Team

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Dr Verona Ni Drisceoil
Widening Participation Convenor