Further information and how you can help

One important feature of the Sussex Plan is that it will combine research with development and extension and the training of young scientists. It is planned to hire at least one full-time extension person who will communicate the Sussex Plan and its findings to beekeepers, land managers, the media and the public via the LASI website, talks, training events, written material, and the media.

Honey bee foraging on lavender

The Sussex Plan would not have been possible without donations, both large and small, from all sections of the British public including individuals, charities, businesses, and beekeepers. The full economic cost of the Sussex Plan is in excess of £2 million. It is hoped that the British public will continue giving generously.

The goal of the Sussex Plan is simple. It is to help reverse the decline in the British honey bee population, and to help safeguard the honey bee, beekeeping and pollination in Britain for future generations.