Sussex Rights and Justice Research Centre

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To be informed about the Centre’s activities, please join our mailing list. The purpose of the list is to share information and academic resources, as well as to discuss and coordinate activities.

In order to become a member of the Centre and/or to request to be included on the mailing list, please e-mail Centre Deputy Director, Dr David Karp.  

If you wish to have an affiliation with the Centre going beyond ordinary membership, please note that the School of Global Studies operates the following Schemes:

Research Associate, which is intended for people with whom individuals, research clusters, Centres, Departments and the School have an ongoing professional relationship of collaboration and proximity. The title of ‘Research Associate’ recognises this relationship. Research associates must be sponsored by a member of faculty in the School of Global Studies. One of the benefits of being a research associate is access to the University of Sussex library.

Post-doctoral Research Associate, which is intended for our doctoral alumni to maintain a close relationship with us, as well as to provide scope for doctoral alumni of other universities to become associated with the work of Global Studies. 

Global Associates, who are leading thinkers and doers in our fields. Application is by nomination.

Please contact the Centre Director, Prof Jane Cowan to discuss possibilities for affiliation.