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If members would like to showcase projects on areas of rights and justice research, please provide a brief description and hyperlink to the project site to Centre Deputy Director,  Dr. Louiza Odysseos.

Publication News


David Jason Karp, 'What is the Responsibility to Respect Human Rights? Reconsidering the "Respect, Protect and Fulfill" Framework', International Theory 12.1 (2020): 83-108

David Jason Karp, 'Fixing Meanings in Global Governance? "Respect" and "Protect" in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights', Global Governance 26.4 (2020): 628-649


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Po-Han Lee (2017). Queer activism in Taiwan: An emergent rainbow coalition from the assemblage perspective. The Sociological Review:0038026116681441. doi:10.1177/0038026116681441
Publication supported by the Centre’s Postgraduate Bursary Scheme in 2016.


Elizabeth Craig (2016) Who are the minorities? The role of the right to self-identity within the European minority rights framework. Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues, 15 (2). pp. 6-30. ISSN 1617-5247

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Nuno Ferreira, et al. (2016) Ensuring strong equalities legislation after EU exit

Nuno Ferreira, et al. (2016)  What are the human rights implications of Brexit?

Nuno Ferreira (2016)  Employment opportunities for young people inquiry

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Michael Kearney (2016) On the Situation in Palestine and the War Crime of Transfer of Civilians into Occupied Territory, Criminal Law Forum

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Louiza Odysseos, 'The question concerning human rights and human rightlessness: disposability and struggle in the Bhopal gas disaster’ Third World Quarterly 36(6) 2015


New Projects

Universities of Sanctuary

A small working group is working on a proposal to make Sussex a ‘University of Sanctuary’.  The main purpose is to create a ‘culture of welcome for people seeking sanctuary within, and beyond, their campuses’ (with specific commitments by the university).

Nuno Ferreira, Anne-Meike Fechter, Pamela Kea, Russell King, Laura Morosanu

TRAFIG - Transnational Figurations of Displacement

Nuno Ferreira

On children & football:

On sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) asylum:


Calls for Workshops and Conferences

To request the listing of a call for papers and participation for an event on the Rights and Justice website, please contact Centre Deputy Director,  Dr. Louiza Odysseos.