Department of Informatics

Recent research grants and donations

Grant titleAwarding bodyPeriodAmount
Interactive technologies using metamaterials Royal Academy of Engineering 03/18-02/28 £1,300,000
BayesianGDPR - Bayesian models and algorithms for fairness and transparency EU 04/20-03/25 £1,154,956
Sensation, Perception, Awareness: an interdisciplinary doctoral research programme Leverhulme Trust 10/18-09/24 £1,050,000*
Text analytics Industrial research studentship 01/20-12/23 £30,000
Peripheral olfactory coding: Information processing outside the brain Leverhulme Trust 02/20-09/23 £258,983
HumanE-AI NET EU 09/20-08/23 £110,000
Interfaces - Manipulating acoustic wavefronts using metamaterials for novel user interfaces EU 05/18-04/23 £1,966,175
HBP SGA3 - Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 3 EU 04/20-03/23 £345,393
Automating representation choice for AI tools EPSRC 03/20-02/23 £397,107
Network controllability and connectivity inference Industrial research studentship 03/20-02/23 £176,000
Identifying network and service outages in the presence of change Industrial research studentship 03/20-02/23 £88,000
Content creation for mixed-reality particle based display exhibitions AHRC 02/20-01/23 £399,661
Cybersecurity visualization: Collaborative graphical tools for security policies Qatar Foundation 01/20-12/22 £143,634
ActiveAI - Active learning and selective attention for robust, transparent and efficient AI EPSRC 11/19-10/22 £338,955
DIMENSIVE: Data-driven Inference of Models from Embodied Neural Systems In Vertebrate Experiments EU 05/20-05/22 £168,994
Why some foods smell sweet: the neural-basis of odour-taste associations Leverhulme Trust 08/18-03/22 £371,770*
Machine learning techniques for classification and inference problems in the insurance industry Industrial research contract 10/19-03/22 £39,000*
SPAtial SOund Modulation by acoustic METAmaterials (SPASOMETA) Leverhulme Trust 01/19-12/21 £90,980
Brains on Board: Neuromorphic control of flying robots EPSRC 12/16-12/21 £1,176,910
AURORA: Controlling sound like we do with light EPSRC 06/18-12/21 £622,522
Predicting Length of Stay on NHS mental health adult inpatient wards using machine learning The Health Foundation 09/20-11/21 £20,852*
Inclusive green infrastructures for urban well-being British Academy 11/19-11/21 £244,847*
Forecasting with fishers: co-producing knowledge for early warning of extreme weather events on the coast of South India ESRC 11/19-11/21 £582,254*
Causality and complexity in human neural dynamics during natural vision Canadian Institute For Advanced Research 10/18-09/21 £37,875
Attention and learning in children and machines Canadian Institute For Advanced Research 06/20-09/21 £24,669
Confronting high dimensional network models with data: Low dimensional forward approximation and Bayesian parameter learning Leverhulme Trust 09/18-08/21 £301,665*
Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellowship - Prof Anil Seth Wellcome Trust 02/17-07/21 £167,726
Metamaterial-based enhancement of ultrasonic energy transmission at an air-solid interface Royal Society 07/20-06/21 £6,000
Updating of memories during memory consolidation BBSRC 10/17-03/21 £695,885*
CEiT - Top up fund Royal Academy of Engineering 03/20-02/21 £55,000
Dedicated MR equipment for optimised imaging of the structure and function of the human brain Wellcome Trust 02/16-01/21 £568,000*
Moogsoft - Knowledge Transfer Partnership Innovate UK 08/18-01/21 £276,802
Levitate - Levitation with localised tactile and audio feedback for mid-air interactions EU 01/17-12/20 £510,574
PAST PRESENCE: Research into immersive storytelling for historical object biographies Royal Holloway, University of London 06/20-12/20 £11,874
SenseX - Sensory experiences for interactive technologies EU 04/15-11/20 £1,031,368
MetaSonics - Using metamaterials to create interactive experiences EU 06/19-11/20 £119,694
Distributed neural processing of self-generated visual input in a vertebrate brain BBSRC 10/17-09/20 £304,005
How to design haptic and tangible computer systems to assist the human understanding of complex science principles? Industrial research contract 10/17-09/20 £70,500
Analysis of social media Industrial research studentships 10/19-09/20 £120,265
Azrieli Program in Brain, Mind and Consciousness - Senior Fellowship Canadian Institute For Advanced Research 07/16-06/20 £20,454
Further development of a machine learning system for unlocking causal relationships in RMNCH datasets from Uttar Pradesh, India Surgo Foundation 11/17-06/20 £128,589
Capital award in support of early career researchers EPSRC 01/19-06/20 £100,000*
The Lysander Flights: a story told through digital cartography Gerry Holdsworth Special Forces Charitable Trust 10/19-05/20 £47,282
Humane AI – Toward AI systems that augment and empower humans by understanding us, our society and the world around us EU 03/19-04/20 £6,000
Chair in Emerging Technologies top-up award Royal Academy of Engineering 04/19-03/20 £54,250
Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 2 - HBP SGA2 EU 04/18-03/20 £159,953
CONVER-SE: Conversational Programming for Smart Environments EPSRC 03/18-02/20 £100,801
OWidgets: Smell-based experience design Royal Academy of Engineering 03/19-02/20 £60,000
An exploration of mobile financial wearables exploiting social media, IoT for travel applications Industrial research studentship 09/15-01/20 £36,000
Breaking the Glass: Mutlimodal, malleable interactive mobile surfaces for hands-in interactions EPSRC 03/16-09/19 £409,641
How to (re)represent it? EPSRC 04/18-09/19 £151,572
The Polinator-Plant Interaction Database Eva Crane Trust 05/18-09/19 £14,828*
Virtue terms on social media Industrial research contract 10/18-09/19 £5,205
Digital Stadium - Enterprise Fellowship Royal Academy of Engineering 02/14-08/19 £82,760
Mobile commerce as a service Innovate UK 03/14-08/19 £124,391
User Interaction with self-supporting free-form physical objects EPSRC 03/16-08/19 £680,160
A fast method for calculating the proximity matrix in a large-scale dynamic network Industrial research studentship 11/15-07/19 £45,000
Odor-background segregation and source localization using fast olfactory processing Human Frontier Science Program 07/15-06/19 £210,104
Gambling advertising targeting minors on social media Industrial research contract 06/18-05/19 £6,600
EthicalML: Injecting ethical and legal constraints into machine learning models EPSRC 10/17-03/19 £100,675
Scent Bubbles Innovate UK 10/18-03/19 £17,954
Rutherford Fund Strategic Partner Grant Universities UK 12/18-03/19 £66,875
Bionic communications and networking for connected vehicles Royal Society 03/17-03/19 £10,500*

* indicates grants held jointly with other departments at Sussex; in these cases the full award value is given.

Donation purposeDonorPeriod
The Sussex Centre for Consciousness Science 2019-2021 Philanthropic donation 01/19-12/21
The Sussex Centre for Consciousness Science Philanthropic donation 01/16-12/21
Career Development Fellowship Philanthropic donation 01/19-08/20