Industrial Informatics and Signal Processing Research Group

Micro fabrication

Micro-stereo lithography

cog jpgThe iisp group has performed ground-breaking research in a novel 3D micro production technology. The system uses a UV laser to project images displayed on a liquid crystal display onto liquid photopolymer. Were the light strikes the photopolymer, polymerisation occurs and solidifies the material. In this way 3D objects can be constructed. An example object (a gear cog) is shown in the figure left. The scale bar reads 200 micrometres.

UV laser machining

The Exitech Series S-8000 excimer laser is utilised for machining of micro-components produced under parallel streams of multi-disciplinary research in:

  • electronics
  • mechatronics
  • photonics
  • optics
  • biotechnology

Using such techniques as mask projection ablation, workpiece step and repeat, mask indexing, synchronised mask scanning, mask dragging and half-tone mask - the excimer laser machining system provides almost unlimited flexibility in the manufacture of complex 3D micro-components. Features may be machined to micron tolerances, with minimal thermal damage in the vicinity of the machining site. Research programmes utilising this equipment are delivering a new manufacturing technologies that will facilitate micro-engineering for small component fabrication. Example applications are: compact consumer products, sensors, actuators, nanobots, optical components, metrology equipment, medical implants and prostheses etc.