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Medical Image Processing for Prognosis using Imaging Biomarkers

Our collaboration on Image Processing of CT and MRI images with the Brighton & Sussex Medical School led to many high quality publications in leading journals that have influenced healthcare. As a result of this collaboration we have developed texture analysis algorithms that can detect cancer, schizophrenia and autism. There is a spin out company stemming from this collaboration called TexRAD Ltd. Filed an international patent, (International Application No. WO2008-114016) forming the intellectual property base of TexRad Ltd.

TexRAD launch








Above, the launch of TexRAD Ltd, (behind the computer screen) Balaji Ganeshan was one of our PhD students, to his right Professor Michael Farthing (former VC), to his left Nick Stevens Managing Director.

Using existing CT data

TexRAD offers a readily available non-invasive imaging method for quantitative assessment of tumour heterogeneity as a biomarker for prognosis and treatment response.

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CT texture analysis (CTTA) in cancer care.

ctta png






 TexRAD quantifies tumour heterogeneity enabling clinicians to assess prognosis, risk of recurrence and treatment response.

[Figure awaited: scanner output]

The assessment of response to tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) in metastatic renal cell cancer.