Industrial Informatics and Signal Processing Research Group


Our research facilities are located in modern purpose built laboratories. These contain extensive laser, optics, computing, electronic manufacture and rapid prototyping equipment.

Photonics Laboratory

A state of the art research laboratory where we are active in

  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Lifetime measurements
  • Laser and Micro fabrication
  • Colour Image Processing

A fully equipped optics lab which contains

  • Four vibration isolated optical tables
  • High powered pulsed diode lasers for fluorescence
  • Nd+3:YAG lasers
  • 4 axis piezo and stepper controlled stages.
  • Numerous He-Ne and diode lasers
  • Several 'state of the art' liquid crystal spatial light modulators for the production of dynamic computer generated holograms and correlation filters
  • CCD based beam visualisation system
  • Many micro-positioning translation stages, extensive array of optical equipment, photo-refractive materials, fibre-optic micro-positioners, significant instrumentation and measurement systems
  • Exitech excimer laser micro-machining system, (pictured).

Informatics and Computer Vision Laboratory

This is a computer and electronics laboratory that is heavily involved in computer vision research and information processing among other areas such as:

  • Biometrics. For example iris recognition systems
  • Medical image processing
  • Scene activity tracking
  • Human and ridged body tracking
  • Speech processing
  • Communications networks
  • Optical Modeling such as laser cavity systems; computer generated holograms and Zemax optical design
  • Forensic computer analysis
  • Neural networks
  • Correlation filter design

It contains:

  • A 25+ PCs and Mac workstations
  • Labview/Matlab and data acquisition cards
  • DSP development kits
  • CCD and CMOS IP cameras
  • Various optimised object illumination light sources
  • Anti-static electronic test and build facilities.

Mathematical modelling is often carried out using: MATLAB [Toolboxes: Image processing, Computer Vision, Fuzzy logic, Neural networks, Optimisation, Signal processing etc]; Labview with image processing and measurement software; or compilers and code development IDEs.