Experimental Particle Physics Research Group

Supernova Detection

Neutrinos are produced in vast quantities during a supernova explosion, and because they only interact very weakly with other particles, they escape the supernova much more quickly than the photons of visible light. It is therefore possible to use neutrino detectors to identify supernova explosions within in our galaxy, allowing astronomers to point their telescopes in the right direction so as to observe these unique cosmological phenomena.

Jeff, Simon, Pierre, Alex B and Aran are designing the algorithm that run the trigger for the supernova and low-energy events at DUNE.
Simon, Pierre and Aran are also involved in the low energy background task-force to study the impact of radioactive decays on the low-energy triggers at DUNE.
Pierre is working on the DUNE Photon detections system [PDS] and how they can help for the SN triggering under different design assumptions
Simon and Michal are working on connecting the SNO+ experiment to the global Supernova Early Warning System [SNEWS].