Experimental Particle Physics Research Group

People and contacts

The head of the EPP group is Prof Jeff Hartnell (J.J.Hartnell@sussex.ac.uk)

Name Experiment Email Phone
Dr Lily Asquith NOvA and DUNE l.asquith@sussex.ac.uk 01273 673047
Prof Alex Cerri ATLAS and Future Colliders a.cerri.ac.uk 01273 678187
Prof Antonella De Santo ATLAS and Future Colliders a.de-santo@sussex.ac.uk 01273 678115
Dr Elisabeth Falk SNO+ e.falk@sussex.ac.uk 01273 678538
Dr Clark Griffith nEDM, DUNE, LiquidO w.c.griffith@sussex.ac.uk 01273 873940
Prof Jeff Hartnell NOvA, DUNE, LiquidO j.j.hartnell@sussex.ac.uk 01273 873214
Dr Josh McFayden ATLAS and FASER j.a.mcfayden@sussex.ac.uk 01273 877333
Prof Simon Peeters DUNE s.j.m.peeters@sussex.ac.uk 01273 678128
Prof Fabrizio Salvatore ATLAS and Future Colliders p.f.salvatore@sussex.ac.uk 01273 678749
Dr Kate Shaw ATLAS and DUNE
kate.shaw@sussex.ac.uk 01273 873523
Research Staff
Name Experiment Email Phone
Dr Benedict Allbroke ATLAS b.allbrooke@sussex.ac.uk 01273 877650
Dr Marco Aparo ATLAS m.aparo@sussex.ac.uk 01273 876764
Dr Dominic Jones ATLAS dmj26@sussex.ac.uk 01273 876764
Dr Jacob Kempster ATLAS j.j.kempster@sussex.ac.uk 01273 876764
Dr Michal Rigan DUNE m.rigan@sussex.ac.uk 01273 877658
Dr Wilf Shorrock NOvA and LiquidO w.shorrock@sussex.ac.uk  01273 876764
Dr Thiago Sogo Bezerra NOvA and LiquidO s26@sussex.ac.uk 01273 877658
Dr Thomas Stevenson ATLAS t.j.stevenson@sussex.ac.uk 01273 877650
Dr Mark Sutton ATLAS m.r.sutton@sussex.ac.uk 01273 877650
Dr Nicolo Tucori  LiquidO and CLOUD  N.Tuccori@sussex.ac.uk 01273 678662
Research students
Name Experiment Topic Year Advisor
Zoe Earnshaw ATLAS EFT fits in top/Z sector 2020 Iacopo Vivarelli
Robert Kralik NOvA and DUNE Neutrino Reconstruction 2020 Lily Asquith
Joshua Porter NOvA and LiquidO Detector Technology 2020 Jeff Hartnell
Klaudia Wawrowska DUNE Indirect Dark Matter detection 2020 Simon Peeters
James Page SNO+ Reactor Antineutrino Oscillations 2020 Lisa Falk
Katie Piper ATLAS BSM physics and EGamma Trigger at ATLAS 2021 Fabrizio Salvatore
Robert Darby SBND Michel electron reconstruction and BSM searches 2021 Clark Griffith
Harry Simpson ATLAS BSM physics and ID Trigger at ATLAS 2021 Antonella De Santo
Stanislav Biryukov ATLAS ATLAS Flavour Physics and Future Colliders R&D 2021 Alex Cerri
Gianna Mönig ATLAS Top+X measurements and EFT fits 2021 Josh McFayden
Andreas Löschcke Centeno ATLAS TDAQ and Calorimeter R&D for Future Collider (AIDAInnova) 2021 Fabrizio Salvatore
Jessica Lock LiquidO and NOvA Detector development and neutrinos 2022 Jeff Hartnell
Ben Cattermole LiquidO and CLOUD Experiment, Detector development and neutrinos 2022 Clark Griffith
Caley Yardley ATLAS Top+X Measurements and EFT interpretations 2022 Kate Shaw
Shaadil Mandarry ATLAS BSM searches at ATLAS 2022 Antonella De Santo
Sophie Butchart DUNE Supernova neutrino detection with DUNE and outreach 2022 Simon Peeters
Clara Dima SNO+ SNO+ antineutrino oscillations 2023 Lisa Falk
Emerson Bannister  NOvA   2023 Lily Asquith
Betsy Cunnett ATLAS   2023 Josh McFayden
Saurabh Saini  Muon Collider   2023 Alex Cerri
Recent PhD Graduates
NameExperimentThesisYearWhat next?
Dr Ondrej Kovanda ATLAS   2023  
Dr Nicolo Tucori LiquidO   2023 Postdoc at Sussex
Dr Brett Mayes NOvA      
Dr Meirin Evans ATLAS Meirin in Meyrin: machine learning in the ttz 2f channel and preparing ATLAS data for education worldwide 2022  
Dr Aran Borkum DUNE Solar neutrinos at DUNE 2023 Software engineer at MPB (Brighton)
Dr Yibing Zhang NOvA Measurement of neutrino oscillations using neutrino and antineutrino beams in the NOvA experiment 2022  
Dr Charlie Mills SNO+ Improved sensitivity to ∆m221 by classification of the 13C(α, n) 16O background in the SNO+ antineutrino analysis 2022 Postdoc at Institute of Cancer Research
Dr Daniela Koeck ATLAS Search for supersymmetry in final states including two same-sign hadronically decaying tau leptons: a tale from triggers to taus 2022 Postdoc at Oregon
Dr Marco Aparo ATLAS   2022 Postdoc at Sussex
Dr Michael Rigan SNO+ SNO+ supernova sensitivity during pure scintillator phase 2022 Postdoc at Sussex
Dr Ioannis Xiotidis ATLAS Rare B physics processes 2021 Postdoc at Imperial College London
Dr Iker de Icaza Astiz DUNE Dark Neutrino Search with the Short-Baseline Near Detector 2020 Postdoc at Sussex
Dr Mario Spina ATLAS Search for scalar bottom quarks in compressed final states with b-jets and missing transverse momentum with the ATLAS detector 2022  
Dr Dan Kelsey ATLAS Optimising triggers and jet reconstruction for Higgs measurement with the ATLAS experiment 2021  Technical Consultant in Data
Dr Alex Booth NOvA Electron neutrino appearance at the NOvA experiment.Po 2021 Postdoc at QMUL
Dr Mario Grandi ATLAS Search for supersymmetry with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider in final states with two hadronically decaying Ԏ-leptons : fantastic taus and where to find them. 2021 Working at ISS
Dr Fabrizio Trovato ATLAS Searches for chargino and neutralino production in decays to three-lepton final states via intermediate Bosons using √s=13 TeV proton-proton collisions with the ATLAS detector. 2020 Postdoc at Sussex, Data Scientist
Dr Sam Jones ATLAS Search for squarks in compressed states and states with jets from charm quarks with the ATLAS detector. 2019  
Dr Fabio Tresoldi ATLAS Study of B → μ⁺μ⁻ decays with the ATLAS detector. 2019 Data Scientist at Pix4D
Dr Emma Winkels ATLAS Observation of the associated production of the Higgs boson with a top quark pair with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC: a study in the boosted regime of the H→bƀ decay channel. 2019 Dutch Research Council
Dr Chris Abel nEDM Hybrid 3He and alkali magnetometry techniques for fundamental physics experiments. 2019 Postdoc at Sussex
Dr Diana Mendez NOvA Comparison of oscillation parameters measured from νµ and ⊽µ disappearance in the NOvA experiment. 2019 Postdoc at BNL New York
Dr Tom Coates ILC Data acquisition software development and physics studies for future lepton colliders. 2019 Data Scientist at ONS Cardiff
Dr Nick Ayres nEDM Data and Systematic Error Analysis for the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Experiment at the Paul Scherrer Institute and Search for Axionlike Dark Matter 2019 Postdoc at ETH Zurich
Dr Mark Stringer SNO+ Sensitivity of SNO+ to Supernova Neutrinos 2019 Postdoc at Queens Ontario
Dr Nicola Abraham ATLAS Search for Electroweak Supersymmetry in final states with three electrons or muons plus missing transverse momentum in 13 TeV proton-proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider with the ATLAS Detector. 2018 Data Scientist Hamburg
Dr Fabrizio Miano ATLAS Optimisation studies and data-driven background ... 2018 Senior Data Engineer at Capgemini
Dr Jacob Thorne nEDM Electric field optimisation for cryogenic nEDM experiments. 2018 Postdoc at Bern
Dr Luke Vinton NOvA Measurement of muon neutrino disappearance with a NOvA experiment. 2018 Data Scientist at ONS
Dr Giuseppe Lerner ATLAS Search for third generation scalar quarks in events with b-tagged jets with the ATLAS detector. 2018 CERN Research Fellow
Dr Yusufu Shehu ATLAS Search for the electroweak production of supersymmetric particles in three-lepton events at the ATLAS detector with focus on compressed mass spectra. 2017 Data Scientist at Moogsoft
Dr James Waterfield SNO+ Optical calibration system for SNO+ and sensitivity to neutrinoless double-beta decay. 2017 Developer at Cogapp
Dr Zara Grout ATLAS Supersymmetry searches in events with at least four leptons using the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider. 2015 Postdoc at UCL
Dr James Sinclair SNO+ Positioning and timing calibration of SNO+. 2015 Postdoc at Bern
Dr Itzebelt Santoyo Castillo ATLAS Search for supersymmetry in final states with three leptons and missing transverse energy with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider. 2015 Data Scientist at SAP
Dr Edward Leming Detector R&D for Medical Physics Particle physics methodologies applied to time-of-flight positron emission tomography with silicon-photomultipliers and inorganic scintillators. 2015 Head of Data at Resolver
Dr Stewart Martin-Haugh ATLAS Searches for supersymmetry in events with three leptons at the ATLAS Detector. 2014 Research Scientist at STFC
Dr Anthony Rose ATLAS Search for supersymmetry in events with leptons (e, μ, τ), jets and missing transverse energy with the ATLAS detector at the LHC. 2013 Data Scientist at SpaceX
Dr Andrew John Davidson CryoEDM High voltage breakdown in the Ramsey cell of the CryoEDM experiment: an experimental study of some relevant parameters. 2013 Computer Scientist at Tesla
Dr Aikaterini Katsika CryoEDM Magnetic aspects of the Cryo-nEDM experiment. 2013 Postdoc at Triumf
Technical and Support Staff
Name Role Email Phone
Dr Cassandra Churchwell Senior Technical Manager c.churchwell@sussex.ac.uk 01273 876606
Mr Tony Earle Senior Technical Specialist - Digital Electronics Engineer a.d.earle@sussex.ac.uk 01273 678078
Mr Antony Gibson-Foster Senior Technical Specialist - EPP research support antony.gibson@sussex.ac.uk 01273 678078
Mr Stephen Major Technical Specialist - Electronics Engineer s.r.major@sussex.ac.uk 01273 678102
Mr Alan Mayers   a.mayers@sussex.ac.uk 01273 678067
Mr Chris Moore Senior Technical Specialist - MPS workshop manager  c.a.moore@sussex.ac.uk 01273 678067
Mr Pablo Murray Technician - Infrastructure p.murray@sussex.ac.uk 01273 872871
Emeritus and Visiting
Name Role Email
Prof Philip Harris Emeritus Professor P.G.Harris@sussex.ac.uk



The Physics Department's postal address is:

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