Experimental Particle Physics Research Group

EPP Seminar Programme

The EPP group runs a full seminar programme during the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. Seminars are usually on Thursdays at 1pm in room 5C11 and over Zoom.

The full programme of seminars since 2019 can be found below:

2023/24 Academic Year

Autumn Term

12/10/2023 - Nicolo Tuccori (Sussex) - Detector R&D

26/10/2023 - TBC

2/11/2023 - Kate Shaw (Sussex) - ATLAS Open Data

9/11/2023 - Ioannis Xiotidis (Imperial) - Dune Upgrade Instrumentation

16/11/2023 - TBC

23/11/2023 - Evgueni Goudzovski (Birmingham) - The HIKE experiment

30/11/2023 - Ken Mimasu (Kings) - Phenomenology: EFTs beyond the Standard Model

7/12/2023 - Tom Stevenson (Sussex) - ATLAS ttZ EFT

14/12/2023 - TBC


2022/23 Academic Year

Autumn Term

20/10/2022 - Dr Jon Burr (Cambridge) - Searching for long-lived particles with the ANUBIS detector

27/10/2022 - Dr Chris Parkinson (Birmingham) - The present and future of kaon physics at CERN

10/11/2022 Dr Daniela Koeck (Oregon) - ATLAS SUSY Searches in Tau Signatures 

17/11/2022 - Prof Doug Cowen (Penn State) - All Tau Neutrinos, Great and Small: Tau Neutrino Physics with IceCube Spanning Six Orders of Magnitude in Energy

01/12/2022 - Dr Marco Aparo (Sussex) - Searches for chargino and neutralino electroweak production with ATLAS

08/12/2022 - Dr Asher Kaboth (RHUL) - First Science Results from the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) Experiment

Winter Term

19/01/2022 - Dr Nazlim Agaras (IFAE/CERN) - ATLAS BSM Higgs

09/02/2023 - Dr Sarah Williams (Cambridge) - ECR Perspective on the Future of Particle Physics

02/03/2023 - Ms Josephine Paton [she/her] (Oxford) - Directional Reconstruction in Liquid Scintillators for Neutrino Detectors (SNO+)

09/03/2023 - Dr Jose Verdu (Sussex) - Neutrino Mass Measurement

30/03/2023 - Dr Nathaniel Sherrill (Sussex) - Searches for Lorentz and CPT violation

Summer Term

27/04/2023 - Prof Chris Hays (Oxford) - W measurement (CDF)

11/05/2023 - Dr Sarah Williams (Cambridge) - ECR perspective on future colliders and detector R&D

08/06/2023 - Dr Josh McFayden (Sussex) - The FASER Experiment

19/07/2023 - Dr Yibing Zhang (Beijing) - Core-collapse Supernova Neutrino Observation in JUNO

2021/22 Academic Year

Autumn Term

04/11/2021 - Dr Ashlea Kemp (Queens University) - Dark Matter Searches at DEAP-3600

18/11/2021 - Dr Will Barter (ICL) - Measurement of the W Boson Mass at LHCb

25/11/2021 - Dr Lauren Antony (ICL) - Measuring Neutrino Oscillations Precisely: Reducing Systematics in Water Cherenkov Detectos with the WTCE

Winter Term

13/01/2022 - Dr Steve Dennis (Cambridge) - New Low-Energy Excess Results from MicroBooNE

10/02/2022 - Dr Magnuss Schlosser (KIT) - Direct Neutrino-Mass Measurements with Sub-eV Sensitivity with KATRIN

03/03/2022 - Dr Jamie Boyd (CERN) - The Forward Physics Facility at the HL-LHC

17/03/2022 - Adriana Dias (RHUL) - PlomBOX - The Development of a Low-Cost CMOS Device for Environmental Monitoring

Spring Term

21/04/2022 - Dr Jost Migenda (KCL) - Neutrino Astronomy with Hyper-Kamiokande

28/04/2022 - Alex Valentine (UKAEA) - Understanding the Nuclear Environment in Fusion Reactors 

12/05/2022 - Dr Anatael Cabrera (IJCLab) - The Paradigm of Opaque Particle Detection: LiquidO - Part 1

26/05/2022 - Dr Liz Kneale (Sheffield) - WATCHMAN

09/06/2022 - Dr Anatael Cabrera (IJCLab) - Reactor Neutrino Fundamental Research: a Possible Future - Part 2

16/06/2022 - Dr Wilf Shorrock (Sussex) - T2K’s SuperFGD detector

2020/21 Academic Year

Autumn Term

01/10/2020 - Meirin Evans (Sussex) - Connecting Teaching to Research: ATLAS Open Data in Sussex Courses

22/10/2020 - Fabritzio Trovato (Sussex) - Searches for Chargino and Neutralino Production in Decays to Three-Lepton Final States via Intermediate Bosons using √s = 13 TeV pp Collisions with the ATLAS detector

29/10/2020 - Dr Shingo Hayashida (ICL) - The SoLid Experiment: Searches for New Oscillations with Very Short Baseline Reactor Antineutrinos

05/11/2020 - Dr Yanyan Gao (Edinburgh) - The Circular Electron Positron Collider Project 

12/11/2020 - Dr Mercedes Panicca (Geneva) - High-precision Cosmic-Ray and Space Radiation Measurements with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station and Development of the PAN Instrument for Deep Space Exploration

26/11/2020 - Prof Etienne Lienard (CAEN/GANIL) - Search for New Physics Beyond the Standard Model with Precision Measurements in Nuclear Beta Decays

10/12/2020 - Iker de Icaza Astiz (Sussex) - The Short Baseline Near Detector at Fermilab

Winter Term

14/01/2021 - Dr Pierre Nouvellet (Sussex/Imperial) - SARS-CoV2 Dynamics and Transmission, Attempting to Make Sense of Some Numbers

21/01/2021 - Dr Sammy Valder (Sussex) - Measuring Electron Neutrino Cross-Sections using the T2K Near Detector

28/01/2021 - Dr Asher Kaboth (RHUL) - LUX-ZEPLIN: A Rare Event Observatory

18/02/2021 - Dr Angela Romano (Birmingham) - Recent Results from the NA62 Experiment at CERN SPS

11/03/2021 - Ana Sofia Inacio (LIP) - Optical Calibration of the SNO+ Detector in the Water Phase with Deployed Sources

18/03/2021 - Dr Thiago Bezerra (Sussex) - θ13: From the 'Discovery' to the Percent Precision Era (2000 - 2030)

25/03/2021 - Dr Matteo Agostini (UCL) - Majorana Neutrinos and Matter Creation in Ge-76 Nuclear Decays

Spring Term

22/04/2021 - Dr Rodrigo Gamboa Goni (Universidad Panamericana) - Search for Non-Resonant Di-Higgs Production to the bb(tau)(tau) Final State using a Committee Machine with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC using pp Collisions at 13 TeV

29/04/2021 - Dr Leon Pickard (UC Davis) - ANNIE Experiment

13/05/2021 - Dr Clara Hormigos-Feliu (Dortmund/Rome) - Multi-Lepton Signatures of Vector-Like Leptons with Flavor

20/05/2021 - Dr Genevieve Bellanger (Annecy) - Two Component Dark Matter Candidates

17/06/2021 - Mario Spina (Sussex) - Detecting Low-pT b-hadrons to Extend 3G SUSY Sensitivity

2019/20 Academic Year

Autumn Term

03/10/2019 - Jacob Thorne (UniBe) - Neutrino Beam EDM

24/10/2019 - Ajit Kurup (ICL) - Medical Applications of Particle Accelerator and Detector Technologies

31/10/2019 - Jonas Lindert (Sussex) - LHC Phenomenology and BSM Searches

07/11/2019 - Minoo Kabirnezhad (Oxford) - The Importance of Neutrino Interaction Theory and its Impact on Neutrino Oscillation Experiments

14/11/2019 - Stephanie Baines (KCL) - Effective Field Theory Treatment of Dirac Type Monopole Production

21/11/2019 - Peter Hatfield (Oxford) - The Relationship Between Galaxies and Dark Matter Over the History of the Universe

05/12/2019 - Pascal Pralavorio (Geneva) - Direct Searches for Dark Matter with DarkSide and MadMax Experiments

12/12/2019 - Rebecca Chislett (UCL) - The Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab

Winter Term

16/01/2020 - Vivian Raymond (Cardiff) - Gravitational Physics / LIGO

23/01/2020 - Tomislav Vladisavljevic (Oxford) - Predicting the T2K Neutrino Flux

30/01/2020 - Connie Potter (CERN) - Science Outreach Initiatives at Music and Culture Festivals

06/02/2020 - Cenk Turkoglu (Sussex) - Constructing a GEANT4 Based Electromagnetic Background Model for the CRESST Experiment

13/02/2020 - Matthew Wing (UCL) - Acceleration of Electrons in the Plasma Wakefield of a Proton Bunch at the AWAKE Experiment

Spring Term

28/05/2020 - Joe Davighi (Cambridge) - New Physics Explanations of Neutral Current B-Anomalies

18/06/2020 - Alison Elliot (QMUL) - Searches for Dark Matter in ATLAS - Associations from Boson to b-quarks

25/06/2020 - Jamie Boyd (CERN) - The FASER Experiment at the CERN-LHC: Looking Forward to New Physics

01/07/2020 - Ronald Garcia Ruiz (MIT) - Exotic Atoms and Molecules for Nuclear Science

09/07/2020 - Alexander Booth (Sussex) - Latest 3-flavour Oscillation Results from NOvA

16/07/2020 - Tracey Berry (RHUL) - The Evolution of Contact Interactions Searches Using the ATLAS Detector

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For more information about EPP seminars please contact either Michal RiganBenedict Allbrooke, or Antonella De Santo.