Rebeccah Onwong'a

Rebeccah Onwong’a holds a Master of Biology specialization Human Ecology degree from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and a Bachelor of Science (Botany /Zoology) from the University of Nairobi. Despite having a background in the exact sciences, she has interests in social sciences and her received training on the methods in social sciences from the State University of Zanzibar and University of Sussex.

Rebeccah joined the DirtPol Project (funded by European Research Commission) in February 2014 as a Project Researcher 1 (Public health and environment). Her responsibilities were collecting data on the perceptions of dirt in different neighborhoods in Nairobi, Kenya. Other responsibilities included transcribing and translating the data collected. During the pilot period and the first phase of the project, she collected data through in-depth interviews, focus group discussions and observations.

During the pilot period of the project, she focused on creating networks in Dandora, Kibera and Kangemi. Both study sites are located in Nairobi and although the dwellers of those neighborhoods are low income earners, the sites are completely different many aspects.

Rebeccah is from the Kisii tribe, one of the major tribes in Kenya. She speaks English, Kiswahili and Kisii. She is interested in invasive alien species and socio-economic research. She can be reached through rebeccahonwonga@yahoo.com.


Rebeccah Onwong'a

Project Researcher 1 (Nairobi) - Health and Environment

Project Researcher Rebeccah Onwong'a