Job Mwaura

Job Mwaura holds a MSc. Communication and Journalism from Moi University in Kenya. He also holds a Bachelor of Education Arts (English and Literature) from Masinde Muliro University in Kenya. Job switched from Education to Journalism due to his passion for media studies. In his masters thesis, Job conducted a research on Citizen Journalism in Kenya and this has formed one of his major research interest. He expects to carry on with this interest in his PhD studies.

Since 2008, Job has worked in several government and non-governmental institutions as a researcher. He has been involved in numerous research projects and programs in these institutions. He has co-authored a few journal articles and a book chapter and he is currently working on a few other manuscripts meant for publication in peer reviewed journals. In 2014, Job joined ERC’s Dirtpol Project as a Researcher in Media and Communication in Nairobi Kenya. His key responsibilities included data collection in media sources such as newspapers, social media, radio prorams and tv programs. Job has also conducted interviews with media producers and audiences. His major guide in data collection has been DirtPol’s themes of sex and sexuality, public health and environment, ethnicity and colonialism.

Some of his successes in the DirtPol project include conducting a number of interviews with media producers and audiences. Job has also made a huge archive of data from newspapers and social media networks. He has also contributed actively in the DirtPol’s blog page by writing a number of articles some of which are field experiences and sharing other research experiences.

Job was born and brought up in Rift Valley region of Kenya. He speaks three languages; Agikuyu, Swahili and English. He spends most of his free time giving ideas, editing and advising postgraduate students with their research thesis. He also loves listening to music and attending theatre shows. His main research areas include audience participation in the media, citizen journalism, media and democracy, and social media studies. He welcomes future collaboration with academics and researchers.

Email: jobmm2007@gmail.com
Twitter: @JobMwaura

Job Mwaura

Project Researcher 3 (Nairobi) - Media and Communications

Project Researcher Job Mwaura

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