Anne Kirori

Anne Kirori is a talented and ambitious researcher. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Planning and Management done at Kenyatta University and is currently pursuing an MSc in Environmental Law and Policy at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Anne has over 8 years’ experience in the education sector.  She has worked as a Project Leader on a 4 years Schools’ project on Disaster Risk Reduction and climate change in Kenya funded by Save the Children International. She has also worked on a 2 years part –time contract basis with Environmental Research Mapping and Information Systems in Africa under the International Climate Challenge Program – Kenya. The main objective of this program was to inspire young people in Primary and Secondary Schools to take action on climate change, gender issues and promote Environmental advocacy. In addition, she has solely coordinated renewable energy projects in Kenyan Schools and this was sponsored by Rotary International. Through working on these 3 projects, she has gained great experience in project management & implementation, facilitation and training, team leadership, capacity building, lobbying and advocacy, financial and narrative report writing, proposal development and evaluation, resource mobilization, developing shared understanding across Schools, youth and community, monitoring and evaluation and assessment of project impacts.

On 1st February, 2014, she joined the ERC funded DirtPol project as the Project Researcher in charge of the Education and Schools portfolio for Nairobi, Kenya. Her core responsibility was data generation in relation to the ways 7 – 9 year olds and 13 – 15 year olds understand, perceive, and interact with the urban city of Nairobi. She selected her schools, sought legal permission to work with school children and made weekly visits to schools to interact with children, teachers, internal and external school gatekeepers as well as stakeholders in the education sector in Kenya.

She also sought to understand the children’s views, opinions and encounters with ‘dirt’ within their socio –economic & cultural environment. In order to achieve these, Anne made use of child friendly tools to consult with children. This included songs and dance, drawings & paintings, artwork, poetry, essay & article writing, games, debates and observation, FGDs just to mention a few. It was fun for the children! Some of her field experiences are chronicled in some articles on http://blogs.sussex.ac.uk/dirtpol/

Anne has keen interest in sustainable Agriculture and development, research, participatory planning, policy and advocacy. In addition she has a passion for the youth and children, sustainable development, cultural diversity, poverty eradication initiatives, an advocate for peace and transparency and she understands the German language very well.

Moreover she has vast experience in carrying out research, and has worked with the Government of Kenya particularly the Ministry of Devolution & Planning and also N.G.Os including USAID, SIDA, DFID, Rotary UK, Living Earth Foundation – UK, UNHabitat, Save the Children International, European Research as well as various Community Based Organizations.

Anne welcomes future collaborations with other researchers, educationists, environmentalists & policy makers. She could be contacted through the email address: kirori25@gmail.com