Centre for Social and Political Thought

Issue 19 - Summer 2011


Special Feature: Theorising the Postcolonial, Decolonising Theory



Edited by Emma Battell Lowman and Lucy Mayblin

Marie-Julie Frainais-Maitre, Haifa S. Alfaisal, Samer Frangie, Brantley Nicholson


Bataille against Heidegger: Language and the Escape from the World

Andrew Ryder

Democracy’s Era of Relative Decline

Andrew Gibson

Two Tunnelers: Digging Through the Differences in the Chomsky-Foucault Debate

Xavier Scott

Wikipedia: Example for a Future Electronic Democracy? Decision, Discipline and Discourse in the Collaborative Encyclopaedia Sylvain Firer-Blaess

Books Reviewed

Politics and the Imagination by Raymond Geuss

Habermas and Rawls: Disputing the Political by James Gordon Finlayson and Fabian Freyenhagen

For a New Critique of Political Economy by Bernard Stiegler

The Pathologies of Individual Freedom by Axel Honneth

Of Jews and Animals by Andrew Benjamin

Adorno for Revolutionaries by Ben Watson