Centre for Social and Political Thought

Issue 16 - August 2009

SPT 30th Anniversary Conference

  • Chris O'Kane, 'Conference Report'

SPT Graduate Forum: Critique and Crisis

  • Chris Allsobrook, 'Conference Report'
  • Jens Christian Hermansen, Paper 1: 'Wittgenstein and Social Criticism'
  • Matthew Astill, Paper 2: 'Seeking the Right to Name'
  • Tom Stern, Paper 3: 'On Substitution and Total Criticism'
  • Lorna Finlayson, Paper 4: 'Constructiveness in Political Criticism'
  • Rodrigo Cordero, Paper 5: 'On the Elective Affinity of 'Critique' and 'Crisis'
  • in Sociological Theory'


  • Magdalena Zolkos, 'Language, Politics and Pluralities of History: Reflections on Quentin Skinner's Interpretative Project'

Book Review

  • Charles Masquelier, 'P. McLaughlin, Anarchism and Authority'