Centre for Social and Political Thought

Issue 18 - Winter 2010

Report and Selected Papers


Utopia, Dystopia and Critical Theory - Sussex Conference

R. Phillip Homburg, Leena Petersen, Matthew Charles, Stijn De Cauwer, Owen Holland


The One and the Many: Revisioning Adorno’s Critique of Western Reason

Deborah Cook

Fetish and Refuge: A Mock Pastoral

Keston Sutherland

The Real State of Emergency: Agamben on Benjamin and Schmitt

Colin McQuillan

Ideology and Morality

David Marjoribanks

Books Reviewed

Habermas: A Guide for the Perplexed by Lasse Thomassen

Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Account by Gillian Brock

First Nations, First Thoughts by Annis May Timpson

Engaging Heidegger by Richard Capobianco

Derrida: Profanations by Patrick O’Connor

The Cultural Politics of Analytic Philosophy by Thomas L. Akehurst