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be.AI - Supervisors

be.AI is a highly interdisciplinary doctoral scholarship programme in which students will be co-supervised by at least two supervisors. Supervisors are available from a large variety of disciplines from a number of Schools and Departments across the University of Sussex.

Name Unit Keywords
Prof T. Nowotny Informatics Olfaction, biomimetic AI, hybrid systems
Prof A. Philippides Informatics Biorobotics, biomimetic navigation, active AI
Prof P. Graham Life Sciences Spatial cognition, active AI
Dr J. Weeds Informatics Natural language processing
Prof D. Roggen Engineering Computational human behaviour analytics
Prof L. Berthouze Informatics Motor development in humans and robots
Dr C. Buckley Informatics Closed-loop systems neuroscience, active AI, predictive coding
Prof A. Clark Philosophy Embodied and extended cognition, predictive processing, philosophy of AI
Prof T. Baden Life Sciences Vision, visual ecology, circuit evolution, linking animal and machine vision
Prof A. Seth Informatics Consciousness, predictive processing, complexity/causality,
Dr W. Roseboom Informatics Consciousness, human perception and memory
Dr A. Barrett Informatics Consciousness, information theory, complexity
Dr N. Quadrianto Informatics Ethical AI, Bayesian approaches
Dr I. Simpson Informatics Bayesian models, uncertainty quantification, computer vi-sion
Dr V. Sharmanska Informatics Bayesian approaches, computer vision
Prof D. Weir Informatics Natural language processing
Prof P. Husbands Informatics Evolutionary robotics, embodied AI
Dr B. Evans Informatics Bio-inspired AI, Computational Neuroscience, Vision
Prof C. Chatwin Engineering Human behaviour tracking, computer vision
Dr P. Birch Engineering Computer vision
Dr R. Young Engineering Human behaviour tracking
Prof M. Maravall Life Sciences Tactile sensing
Prof L. Lagnado Life Sciences Visual and mechanical sensing
Prof J. Niven Life Sciences Insect vision, closed-loop insect VR, PGR mental health
Prof G. Kemenes Life Sciences Learning and memory, molecular approaches
Dr I. Kemenes Life Sciences Learning and memory, behavioral studies
Dr Sylvia Schröder Life Sciences Visual processing and its modulation by behaviour
Prof Claudio R. Alonso Life Sciences Neurogenetics, Sensorimotor Integration, Artificial Control of Behaviour
Dr A. Eldridge Music Ecoacoustics, Embodiment and Music
Dr T. Magnusson Music Embodied AI in music, philosophy of technology
Dr C. Kiefer Music AI in music, interaction design
Prof J. Drury Psychology Dynamics of behaviour in crowds, pedestrian movement

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