Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics - CCNR

People and contacts

Prof Michael O'Shea

Emeritus Professor of Neuroscience


Michael O'Shea is a world renowned Neuroscientist and co-founded the CCNR in the lates 90s.

Email: M.O-Shea@sussex.ac.uk

Michael O'Shea

Prof Phil Husbands

Research Professor of Artificial Intelligence


Phil was a pioneer in Evolutionary Robotics and at the forefront of the behaviour based robotics revolution in the 90s. As co-founder of the CCNR he realised the value of interdisciplinary research.

Email: P.Husbands@sussex.ac.uk

Phil Husbands

Prof Andrew Philippides

Professor of Biorobotics


Andy is interested in biorobotics and the computational study of a variety of systems, e.g. neuromodulation and neuronal plasticity; insect flight behaviour and navigation, human crowds and vascular biology.

Email: andrewop@sussex.ac.uk


Prof Thomas Nowotny

Professor of Informatics


Thomas is interested in information processing in nervous systems and implementations of computational neuroscience on hardware devices using GPUs.

Email: T.Nowotny@sussex.ac.uk

Thomas Nowotny

Prof Paul Graham

Professor of Neuroethology


Paul is studying the mechanisms underpinning smart behaviours in small brained animals. He in interested in the use of biorobotics and computational neuroscience as tools for biological understanding.

Email: P.R.Graham@sussex.ac.uk

Paul Graham

Prof Luc Berthouze

Professor of Complex Systems

Luc is a Professor of Complex Systems working on computational developmental neuroscience and motor development in infants and in machines.

Email: L.Berthouze@sussex.ac.uk

Luc Berthouze

Dr Christopher Buckley

Senior Lecturer in Neural Computation

Chris' research explores the implications of a situated, embodied and dynamic perspective on cognition for modern neuroscience.

Email: C.L.Buckley@sussex.ac.uk

Chris Buckley

Prof Jeremy Niven

Professor of Zoology

Jeremy is interested in the design, function and evolution of neural circuits and the computational modelling of energy constraints on neural architectures.

Email: J.E.Niven@sussex.ac.uk

Jeremy Niven