About SPRU

The Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) is one of the world’s leading centres of research on science, technology and innovation policy and management. Everything we do is driven by a desire to tackle real world challenges such as climate change and inequality. We passionately believe that innovative science policy solutions can help create more sustainable, secure and equal societies.

Connecting experts and insights

We’re connecting experts and insights within our faculty and academic networks, across the social and natural sciences, engineering and the humanities.

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Teaching the next generation

We’re teaching the next generation of innovation leaders and policymakers though our Masters courses, PhD programme and providing bespoke training for innovation policy professionals.

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Developing leading research initiatives

We’re developing leading research initiatives in energy policy, sustainable development, science and technology policy, innovation and project management, and economics of innovation.

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Engaging with a wide range of partners

We’re engaging with a wide range of partners and stakeholders, including governments, policymakers, academics, industry and civil society around the world to find practical solutions to global challenges.

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Tackling key global challenges

We’re tackling key global challenges such as climate change, environmental destruction, healthcare, inequality and insecurity, through the use of science, technology and the management of innovation for transformative change.

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Founded in 1966

...by Christopher Freeman, a pioneer of what is now known as innovation studies, SPRU was one of the first interdisciplinary research centres in the field of science and technology policy and management.

Today, we remain at the forefront of new ideas, challenge-led research and inspiring teaching.

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  • 1,000Masters graduates

  • 350PhD theses written

  • 600academics have worked at SPRU

  • 9,000publications produced

and counting, as of this year