See examples of navigation blocks (known as nav blocks), spotlights and other page navigation components.

Nav blocks

Nav blocks should always try to follow heading order. If the heading above the nav blocks is a h2, then the nav blocks should use h3 headings. If there is no heading above the nav blocks then they should use h2 headings.

Image sizes should be cropped to 745px by 468px.

Two in a row


Three in a row


Two in a row, no image


Three in a row, no image


Incomplete rows of nav items

If you have an incomplete row of nav items (5 items set to a 3 column nav-block for example) then you must add the class end to the final item in the block. This will left align the item and ensure there are no gaps in the row."

Call to action link

Read Poppy's story



Images should be 845px by 600px. When choosing an image, allow for the left-hand side of it to get chopped off when viewed on a desktop screen.

Welcome to Sussex!

Congratulations to everyone who has a place at Sussex! Find out everything you need to know before you arrive on campus.

Find out what to do next

Single column block


Double column block

These should only be used on full-width pages, such as the homepage. See full width examples page.

Campaign banners

Images should be cropped to 633px wide, with a height of 400px.

Stick to about the amount of text shown in these examples. Less is more.

Email if you need a content writer to refine campaign text.

Single CTA


Secondary CTA