Hero images

See the sizes for hero images in our external template.

Using hero images

Hero images are large banner-style pictures used on our top-level navigation pages.

They should give a feel of the University and inspire users to explore the content within a section.

Like any image on our website, they need to be on-brand and align with our principles of photography.

You also need to source pictures through the right channels to ensure we own the copyright of them.

Image sizes

You will need to supply an image that can be cropped to these four ratios:

  • small (mobile) – 560px by 315px
  • medium (mobile, landscape) – 768px by 254px
  • large (desktop) – 1440px by 307px
  • xxlarge (desktop, widescreen) – 2560px by 490px.

To add hero images, email dcm@sussex.ac.uk.