Get images for a project

Find photographs for your work and check how to brief a photographer for new shots.

Accessing our image library

Use our online photo library, Asset Bank, to browse and select images to use in your work.

You can browse and request images for your project by emailing us at

Go to Asset Bank

We are in the process of registering Asset Bank admin users across the University. Admin users have access to a wider selection of images. To find out who the admin user is for your School, department or unit, or to become an admin user, email

Web accessible images

To meet web accessibility standards, images must have descriptive alt-text. This is text that will describe the image to a visually-impaired visitor using screen reading software. Try to avoid text over images where possible. If the image does have any text written across it, this must be included in the alt-text.

Sourcing your own images

We prefer to use our inhouse photographer wherever possible to create authentic images for publishing online or in print.

However, there are occasions when sourcing your own photos is the only solution.

All images we use need copyright permission and media consent. This means the photographer and the people in the photograph must give consent.

Stock photos

For stock images, the media consent is already taken care of.

However, the terms of the licence usually specify whether a photo:

  • can be used for one type of use (such as editorial or marketing) or all types of use
  • can be used more than once – if a picture is licenced for single use, make sure you only use it once
  • may be shared – if you are publishing photographs on social media or sending them to people outside the University (for instance, to press or research partners), make sure the licence allows you to share them
  • should be credited – if the creator of a stock image is listed, you should publish this name with the photo.

Taking your own photos

For all images you take yourself, you’ll need to ask for a signed media consent form from anyone you feature in the photographs.

Email if you need advice.

Briefing the University photographer

When briefing our photographer, it’s useful to consider what makes your subject distinctive from its competitors so this can be emphasised in the shots.

Consider scenarios that show students and academics working separately and together using the most interesting and dynamic situations, spaces and facilities available. This way we can create visual distinctiveness and spark curiosity.

Find creative ways to tell the story. Consider the principles of Sussex photography, especially the importance of referencing key messages from the strategic framework to make sure your shots communicate our core mission.

Fill in the briefing form below. Give as much detail as possible, particularly about the usage – for example when text needs to overlay an image. The photographer and designer may need to liaise over specific design elements.

Source some examples of photography you think convey the tone or message.

Shaping the shoot

The photographer will contact you to shape the details of the photoshoot, such as the visual concept, timings, locations and length of shoot.

Make sure your discussion with the photographer takes place well ahead of time so you cover:

  • any permission needed to use certain spaces
  • weather contingencies
  • teaching timetables and staff availability.

A walk-around is often useful in planning your shots. It also allows the photographer to plan the technical aspects.

Keep notes on this planning process for reference on the day. This helps ensure the shots meet the brief.

Allow time after the shoot for editing.

Briefing freelance photographers

Most photography requirements are taken care of by Stuart Robinson, our University Photographer. Stuart works within the Digital and Creative Media team and can be commissioned to produce on-brand imagery.

When considering your photography requirements, you should contact us first.

Freelance photographers need more information about the Sussex brand and your exact requirements. Get in touch so we can help you shape the brief and provide the relevant information.

Briefing document

The photographer will need some information about your requirements. Fill in the form below to explain what you need.

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